Measures to be taken with a long-term view due to the spread of Corona infection in Tokyo

Measures against the spread of Corona infection in Tokyo for a long time July 31 at 4:08 a.m.

In Tokyo, the highest number of infections in Tokyo has been confirmed on March 30, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has decided to promote multiple measures with a view to a long-term situation, such as calling for self-restraint of dinners involving drinking and thorough prevention measures by ordinance.
In Tokyo, the number of cases confirmed in July has exceeded 200 or 300 people, and on the 30th, the number of people who have reached a record high of 367 people has been in a situation where the spread of infection has not been stopped.

On March 30, Governor Koike expressed a strong sense of crisis, saying that “the explosion of infection is also an extremely critical situation.”

In addition to calling for the self-restraint of drinking dinners such as going out to downtown areas at night, drinking parties, and banquets, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government also requests restaurants and karaoke shops that serve sake to shorten their business hours from August 3rd of the week.

In addition, we will make efforts to revise the ordinance and make efforts from the first day to comply with guidelines for preventing the spread of infection from the first day, and to make efforts to use the store that displays stickers to prevent the spread of infection to the citizens of Tokyo.

While the end of the infection cannot be seen, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government hopes to stop the spread of the infection by simultaneously promoting multiple measures with a view to the long-term situation of the infection.