MnM: Miss iD idol gravure the first swimsuit beauty style showcase

Personality-oriented idol excavation audition”miss iD2018″in Omori Yasuko award-winning MnM(only)of the digital photo collection”luscious gloss painting(I and I)”(Kodansha)is 7 on 31 October delivered to you. “Miss iD”of the digital photo collection to 5 consecutive weeks in the delivery and planning of the 2nd,MnM is the first gravure shoot challenge. The swimsuit showed off.
MnM is 1997 years 6 months 9 born,Tokyo-born 23-year-old. Idol group”SW! CH (Switch)”has been active as a member of the. Beautiful style, such as it is evaluated,Omori Yasuko award was chosen. The book is deep in the mountains of a small village grew up,loves drawing, and was a girl, in Tokyo, steeped in the city had just dyed it, even just a little bit an adult to have…… The theme was taken.
MnM says,”gravure is the first, or group in this work is the first time fans of the reactions of the men is a little anxious, but with room for improvement are the status quo, convincing myself defying this, the confidence in the world in the announcement that I think will”and not comment about that.
Shooting”Hinohara village (- Machi, nishitama-gun, Tokyo)is the grandfather of the house in the photo taken in plain clothes and work clothes such as yourself, chose the costumes was memorable in””the cover also wears mint green setup is favorites. The chest is cherry handle is very cute”and turned around. The book is 58 pages, the price is 1000 yen (excluding tax).