Mobile of daily life learned in the video conferencing of the way–a better organization, made out to 4 points

Avon International’s Nick Burton Mr. and interpersonal distance to ensure the Corona Virus virus is the beginning,the company’s head office to go by, so it’s been 3 months or more if telecommuting continues to. But Burton said, video conferencing, thanks to the more than ever your team they feel a connection with that.

The company’s chief information and digital officer at Burton, said:”the new normal to adapt and feel”said,”this situation at the end, or a new balance is needed that the situation in the back is an interesting experience would be. It is perhaps, the different only”and continued.

Is he This of telecommuting from the attempt not learned that lesson yet. In this article, the Chief Information Officer (CIO)is video conferencing, telecommuting from your team lead will help to keep,Burton says of the 4 measures is introduced.

1. Some maintain that concentrated power

Burton says in a video conference, using technologies online and effective IT Department operation of the method were established. It is not necessarily the easiest way to go was not. Avon’s global CIO and the role of the He,video conferencing was used, but video calls, the time you spend on”ordinary and the extraordinary is exhausting”it was to speak with.

Other CIOS, in the same way as the lockdown begins, Burton said the work a lot of hours video conferencing spend by. And, and other IT leaders, as well balance of struggled with. Many IT leaders are, in turn, held a video conference during a day of work most of the time you have spent. The video conference is over, and normal day-to-day operations to keep up with the work begins, until late at night, but that is not unusual.

But Burton says this new work is a big plus side is you have said. First he Video Conferencing used that as a leader, one can maintain the feel. This is, interpersonal distance, you have to ensure you can lock down previously it has the ordinary thought’s about and ponder the need for that.