NASA’s new Mars probe to launch life of the traces such as surveys

NASA’s new Mars probe to launch life of the traces such as the investigation into the 7 May 31 at 4: 04

NASA=National Aeronautics and Space Administration 30 days,the surface of Mars to exploration new of a spacecraft equipped with a rocket to launch it. Probe, the next 2 months to Mars arrived, and with the Rovers, and 2 years on Mars life to look for traces of such investigation.
NASA is 30 days,Florida’s Cape Canaveral Air Force Base Mars from carry out exploration spacecraft”Mars 2020″, equipped with”Atlas V”rocket to launch it.

Spacecraft launch from approximately 57 minutes after the rocket detached from,approximately 80 minutes after the communication is successful, the Mars flight began.

The probe is approximately 7 months from Year 2 on mid-Mars to arrive, patience means”percent for art”and, with the Rovers to the surface to land on.

Rovers,a lake that was considered the point at which the microbes in the traces to look for, and Martian Geology and weather, such as investigation.

Also, the Martian atmosphere from oxygen to produce experiments, such as the future of manned exploration for the research conducted.

Exploration 2 years will be held in the Earth, except in the existence of life or evidence that is found, whether the expectations are increasing.

A spacecraft is on Mars what?

Spacecraft is a space approximately 4 billion 9700 million kilometers of flight,from launch and 7 months after the next 2 months around Mars will reach.

Mars entered the atmosphere and then parachute to use slow down,the ground is approached and the engine the injection slowly and descent, approximately 20 meters closer to where the Rovers”percent for art”and to lower the General Light level and provide privacy by preventing people outside the ground to land on.

“Percent for art”and is a small car big as a vehicle,19 cameras and temperature and humidity observations for the substance configuration of the analysis device, etc. that the purpose of the different 7 units of equipment of the robot arm is also equipped. Also, drill holes Geology of the will take samples from these.

This exploration of the most fundamental purpose for the existence of life on Mars traces to search for. “Percent for art”and, as liquid water flowing into the lake was considered a place to land,it was left on the material analysis, the life that was showing traces that time.

Also, in the future, another spacecraft in the earth to bring back this in mind, collected the sample to the capsule to keep this one.

In addition to this, in the future, humanity is on Mars and went prospecting to prepare the carbon dioxide is the main component of the atmosphere using the oxygen to produce the technology of the experiment is scheduled.

The”percentage art”and Mars’s thin atmosphere in the fly flight technique to demonstrate the weight of 2 kg mini helicopter has also been installed, and if successful, Earth and other celestial bodies to fly the first helicopter in.

Mars and Mars to orbit the now, in America, India, and ESA=European Space Agency, such as probe match 7 machine activities in the”percent for art”and is,after landing, approximately 680 days of exploration to do in the future.