NTT DATA Services, disease prediction AI solution development–the insurance companies in the use of AIM.

The NTT Data Group of companies based in the U.S., NTT DATA Services, a type 2 diabetes・coronary heart disease・chronic liver disease (CLD)・chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)・stroke・arthritis and chronic diseases of the non-invasive measurement data (biometric hurt without the measured data)using the corresponding diseases risk of developing artificial intelligence(AI), calculated experiment carried out. NTT DATA will be 7 on May 31 announced.

As demonstrated, the disease of the patient 500 million or more of insurance data 1300 million and,taking pharmaceutical data, clinical data, test data in the”learning data”as a specific chronic disease risk in patients with early to predict”disease prediction AI solutions”to develop and confirm the efficacy and.

The solution is for insurance companies to provide assumed. This insurance company is a subscriber of a chronic disease risk score,the traditional need for large-scale testing without doing a simple LED can be offered to subscribers that the system will be able.

Also NTT Data,serious underlying disease, people with the Corona Virus virus infection (COVID-19)in the case of infection, severe reduction of risk is found in various diseases and early detection of the risk of the visualization is focused and described. The solution of subject to type-2 diabetes・coronary heart disease・CLD・COPD・stroke・arthritis and chronic disease in many cases, early discovery and treatment can be effectively suppressed and,as a result COVID-19 of severe to prevent the expected to.

The solution is in the future, not only in the United States,NTT Data and the Spain-based group company everis, Japan and Latin America in the deployment plan.