Quantum technology expertise together with the unique eco-system–University of Tokyo industry-academia-government collaboration of the Council established

The University of Tokyo is a 7 month 30 days,”quantum Innovation Initiative Council”(QII Council) was established and announced.

Quantum computing-science, technology and innovation in Japan and unique in the form of a buildup, and quantum computing for eco-system to build this strategically important R & D activities, strengthening the industry-academia-government cooperation for the entire nation to level up and achieve acceleration reduction, a wide range of industrial as well as contribute to the established or another.

Participants,Keio University,JSR, DIC, Toshiba, Toyota Motor, IBM Japan, Hitachi, Ltd., Mizuho Financial Group,Mitsubishi Chemical, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (in alphabetical order). The Secretariat is at the University of Tokyo,Chairman of the group’s Chairman of the Board of 佐藤康 Hiroshi,project leader Professor, Graduate School of Science, the University of Tokyo Aihara Hiroaki said.

The Central 4 people from left to right, IBM Japan Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Yamaguchi Akio, Mr.,University of Tokyo President Makoto Gonokami Mr.,the group’s Chairman of the Board of 佐藤康 Hiroshi,JSR Chairman of the Board of Mitsunobu Koshiba. And the left column from top to DIC President and CEO of Ino, Kaoru, Mr.,A Toshiba Representative Executive Officer President CEO of proc 暢昭 Mr. Hitachi, Ltd. Executive Officer, President and CEO of 東原 敏昭 Mr. Rice, IBM Researh Director Dario Gil said. And on the right columns from the organization for small & medium enterprises and Regional Innovation, Japan Chairman of the Board of Kobayashi,Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Director, Representative Executive Officer, President and Group CEO of 亀澤 宏規 Mr., Keio University Professor Kohei Itoh, Mr.

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First one stood in the University of Tokyo President Makoto Gonokami Mr. QII Council established aim”the realization is rapidly approaching the quantum computer core and quantum technology,Japan’s industry-academia and knowledge to gather,quantum computing for the ecosystem of the world ahead of Japan in the form of a building that”was.

By the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and technology by 萩生田 Koichi Mr.

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Then, by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and technology by 萩生田 Koichi, said:”in the world development competition has intensified quantum computers of the social implementation of the first in the world to be realized, the industry, led by many companies and universities are participating in this Council was inaugurated and from the heart to pay tribute” And on,”countries have huge investment and large R & D initiatives on the future of the supremacy bet for Nations/competition is rapidly intensifying, and this is our country has foreign behind worship, but not”with the sense of crisis from the national strategy for quantum technology research and development working on the introduction.

Or,Keio University Kohei Itoh, Professor in 2018, 5 on Asia’s first”IBM Q Network Hub”is the University established in the introduction. In 2019, 12 March, the University of Tokyo and rice IBM”Japan-IBM Quantum Partnership”with in the framework of the company, made of a quantum computer in Japan up to this day. Thus, the University of Tokyo IBM Q Network Hub and from”the University of Tokyo and Keio University President that it is important”, and QII Council established the”United symbol of not only of our country, the quantum computer of the industrial applications for promoting the sites can,after looking back at 1 of the milestones that no doubt,”he said. Incidentally, the rice IBM Research Director Dario Gil Mr. quantum computers of the Japanese installation”in 2021 IBM Q System to operate in Japan”by the Dutch.

Incidentally, the project leader of Aihara Hiroaki,”the various schemes of quantum computers is under development now, and why IBM chose as partners”and to the question,”QII the purpose of the Council, as a quantum computer, take advantage of first we have”from The gate-type quantum computer, as the IBM US commercial offer stage has been reached for the reason that look.

Also, the Chairman of the 佐藤康 Hiroshi quantum computer implementation of the method is currently various methods are being studied to stage,”which method is definitely correct,and we have decided that the state is not a”recognition that the showing on the other hand,”necessarily IBM and forevermore and that to assume”I to be. Japan’s competitiveness would have a sense of purpose quantum computers take advantage of thinking in”what theory is correct and assess it riding it like the sense of speed is impossible to become. Implementation in terms of stepping out and not”as currently available quantum computer quickly and use initiatives to begin the important recognition that shows.