Severed person nearly triples in three weeks, more likely to increase Corona Virus

Severed person nearly triples in 3 weeks, more likely to increase Corona Virus July 31, 13:27

As of March 30, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus has risen to 90 nationwide, nearly three times higher than in three weeks. The number of severely ill people increases later than the number of people whose infections are confirmed, so there is a possibility that the infection will increase further in the future.
On May 1, 332 people, including those on board the cruise ship Diamond Princess, had been declared a state of emergency and who were infected with the new coronavirus and needed to be managed in intensive care units or ventilators. After that, the number of people decreased to 32 on July 10, the lowest number since the declaration of emergency was lifted.

But after that it increased again.
As of March 30, the number of employees in Japan was 90, an increase of nearly three times in about three weeks.

By prefecture, Tokyo has the largest number of 22 people, followed by Osaka with 16, Kanagawa prefecture with 10, Hyogo 8, Fukuoka 5, Hokkaido with 4, Chiba 4, Chiba, Ishikawa, Aichi, 2, Shiga, 2 in Kyoto, 2 in Gunma, 2 in Wakayama, 2 in Okinawa, 1 in Ibaraki, and 1 in Nara Prefecture.

Regarding the low proportion of severely ill people compared to the time called the first wave, Takaji Wakita, chairman of the expert meeting of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare,
The large number of young people
The period from the time of symptoms to diagnosis has been reduced to about 5 days now by expanding the inspection system, etc.
It is pointed out that the use of therapeutic drugs to prevent severe illness is progressing.

However, recently, the number of infected people in their 40s or older has been increasing, and since the peak of the number of severe cases was delayed by about one month from the peak of infection confirmation at the time of the first wave, the number of severe people is likely to increase further in the future, and it is in a situation that can not be forewarned.