Stones and drums from the idea that the modern rhythm of Torii 真道 is thorough consideration

Funk and soul rhythms into beats, the life-size ear catching lyrics that put the singing group of 4 of the suppliers of the music live in guitar・Torii 真道 series”Game of rhythm and about − in the pants of the ants looking for”. The last of Nirvana”Smells Like Teen Spirit”and the rhythm of the consideration continued,the 14th is the Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts and drummer,of drumming from the comparison of the ramming and subsequent modern musicians to the rhythm of a typological study of stress ‘deafness’.

The other day,the Rolling Stones unreleased song”Scarlet feat. Jimmy Page”has been released. Jimmy Page is joined to and capture the attention of.. In 1974, 10 month recorded this instrument is the”goat’s head soup”of the new”GOATS HEAD SOUP 2020″included in the can.

“Charlie Watts is amazing!” And impressions in your vicinity some, but I totally agree with them thought. But,the drums of Charlie in the Blues・Roland and Joe Cocker’s backing band was the grease band and fair・port Convention, such as was active in the drama and out of weakness was similar there. The base also Bill Wyman, rather than the original traffic of trick・play is playing it. The rhythm Corps is a cost, it would be nice to find out what you really want.

“Scarlet”drums Jimmy Joe”the website”Model List to remind you. New Orleans funk like the subtle High condition is felt. Subtle hard condition and it,the band’s”Up On Cripple Creek”and Vuong・helm’s drumming and feeling close to there……

“Scarlet”in the drums of Charlie Watts is not there, Charlie and Vuong indicates the relevance of the Let me tell you the story. “Classic Albums”with rock recordings, but the parties and stakeholders of the testimony in looking back to the documentary series of”The Band”hen session drummer Jim Celtic corner came out, four of the articulate talk about that one there. Celtic is the”Von back beat hi-hat hit from me”and I said,”it was Charlie Watts with me!” I thought I remembered you. Two stick sushi rock drummer is an unusual regular grip, both countries (though, it’s not to say that not a lot of drama is matched grip, both countries have a common point? And I asked…).

List of Pennsylvania, as well as Charlie Watts is also a subtle high performance mixed in some drama and much more. As a typical example cited is”19th Nervous Breakdown”subtle swing sensation. In this song Charlie is Hosono Haruomi called”my rhythm”by not playing and showing off.

Charlie’s drums and if the habit is strong and familiar. However, that habit is one I’m not sure. Hard to say from the surface and think about this and I want. As an example, the drum (+cowbell)starting from”Honky Tonk Women”and more.

The rhythm of the song is and the size field will be playing in a rock and roll look of the thing. American southern England flowing interpretation and the truth. The hi-hat is straight 8th notes in the order form shows you the VAT payable on the products you select. The house is not. However, the most kick of appearance is wrong. Subtle timing is so … more This shaking is not just.

Perhaps slightly hard feeling to have been played that do this. Hut is the 8-minute increments, and the kick is slightly hard or hard or seem to hear it. A simple hat a kick against the timing of behind the come from so to hear of it. A very sensuous story,I think only the realm of not. However, the hat and the kick between the kind of tension you feel like it. One human in another timeline at the same time and that’s all I’m going to say something. Upper body and lower body separation feeling.

From Charlie Watts of the drum by the motor by listening to it,thrusting a little to hear my thought, it is a hat and a kick between the tension due to the not I thought this.

“Honky Tonk Women”of the drums, the chorus part to plunge into the kick to increase the teeth out of the hammer-beat in your pattern. This passage is hat and kick relationship is stable feel. However, in the stable, but the tempo goes up. The rhythm of the elasticity of the cost of sound characterize, believes.

A lot of”Honky Tonk Women”and after listening to, once again, to”Scarlet”listen to the kick is very tight feel to it.. Terrible, and Bruce Roland.

“Scarlet”to listen to, the website, and Vuong’s playing reminded there was, it home, as opposed to of German of was. More specifically speaking, Damo Suzuki, is the vocalist was the age of it. The song in the unit and”Halleluhwah”. DJ by thinking”Scarlet”from”Halleluhwah”lead to the desire is springing up for this. A piece or lock of iconic stones and pieces and alternative rock the founder of the existence of a rhythm of similar, which is kind of outlandish, and personally I can,”Scarlet”and”Halleluhwah”listen to all and different you cannot deny that.

Of the drama in the player text・based Zeit is subdivision to 16th notes and syncopation and Ghost Notes get Funk by pattern by playing it. On the other hand,hard to not,shakes not,the habit of not rhythm in terms of the concept of his features. Him, like that the band is”half-man, half machine”as one piece. Here is a little Supplement to and, of course a song by the hard can sometimes be. For example”Im So Green”is a slight hard on.

The machinery of such time I will be playing with players of drums, the taste and smell of exhaust, the very end is witty or cool to well being. On the other hand, layer is your mechanical and it is said that about sure. Says”I am a machine unlike others of playing can react. This is the machine and human biggest difference between”and. This is”half-man, half machine”and so far, the former”half machine”,the latter”half-man”falls into that as well.

This suddenly while I was a student of speaking, at that time, the stones and the band-loving person to be with and noise! Loving others is subtle to the compartmentalization there was it was. I have a 1970’s rock and funk unfair on so,on a personal level, is strict compartmentalization, there was not one of the so-called”Original”which was like music to hear either.

Of course,”I just listen to it,just like you!” Like many people, I think. However, at the time, an external enemy to set up inside the friends and bonds will like it, but it was difficult to. “University Circle is the”core of the story I think.

Students at the end of the why from”Tago Mago”and”Ege Bamyasi”you can buy and take a listen from the 1970s by funk elements, but I was strong in the 大層 surprised us. The main drum of the story. At the same time, American funk and texture is quite different to”high, not shaking, not the habit to call”not of the drum is so cool to feel them.

That is, in their own confrontation had in common have been found,the conflict structure is melted at the same time, each of the differences Shine out as a story. To put into words and feel embarrassed, but this kind of experience to every listener as a very happy time. The story has it all.

This time, Charlie (or Blues・Roland)and of drum all listen,Yaqui, or Noi! Of Klaus・gallon knitting out of the motor back in the beat after the paradigm of Be Alive confirmed. This is never popular music in General talk, not in Japan rock band to engage the senses as you can.

We left the”House, not shaking, not the habit to call”not in the direction of playing it. The reverse of this and say,leave and Charlie’s like a habit of strong performances in not. How far the generality of speaking of the unknown, but at least their is that.

So, a little hard to do in a sense inserts an artificial act of will. Players also perhaps a legacy in South Central Mechanical performances has been considered, and now so should sound relatively natural as a whole. Hence, for example, the cost of such performances and thinking, if the rhythm very conscious that as well. Such awareness is personalization: by this article to write led.

Cory Wong”I will strike only after the paradigm of living from the grid for a conscious that good”and go on. Furthermore, the grid, in order to enter into the metronome with training is recommended. Grid relative to the habit to think that modern musicians have become.

Torii 真道

Born in 1987. “Triple fire”guitarist in the band, a lot of in the music of the composers involved. Band of activities, in addition to other artist’s recordings and live participation and artists, Remix, Music/DJ, music to the media of the contributor, the event has continued to live there ever since. Twitter : @mushitoka / @TRIPLE_FIRE

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