Swiss prosecutor investigates FIFA president suspected of abuse of authority

Swiss Prosecutor Investigates FIFA President suspected of abuse of authority July 31 at 5:41 AM

Swiss prosecutors have begun an investigation into President Infantino on suspicion of abuse of authority in connection with allegations of corruption by the FIFA-International Football Federation.
This was announced by the Swiss government on the 30th.

In the case of FIFA, Swiss prosecutors have been investigating FIFA since 2015 for fraudulent exchanges of money between former executives, including former President Blatter.

Mr. Infantino has been promoting organizational reforms for FIFA, but according to the announcement, he is suspected of having been involved in criminal activities such as abuse of authority and disclosure of secrecy when he met informally with President Lauber, who has led a series of investigations.

Details have not been disclosed, but swiss media reported in April that Infantino is suspected of intervening to get prosecutors to withdraw his own investigation.

Prosecutor General Lauber, whose meeting with President Infantino has been questioned, announced his resignation this month, and the investigation over FIFA has shaken Swiss prosecutors, with the special prosecutor in charge of the case asking Congress to investigate the alleged prosecutors with immunity.

FIFA President: “Meeting with Prosecutor General Is Legal”

FIFA has made a comment by the president on the start of the investigation.

“My goal since the beginning of my post has been to help the authorities by restoring FIFA’s trust and investigating past misconduct,” infantino said. I will continue to fully support the judicial process and FIFA will continue to cooperate fully.”

“Meeting with the Swiss Attorney General is perfectly legal and there is no violation. It is also part of my responsibility as FIFA president.”