Taketomi is the making of the Battle of Okinawa documentary film at the National Public

Taketomi is the making of the Battle of Okinawa film in the nation open to the public 7 on May 31 at 6: 16

Next month, from the end of the war, 75 years before,20 million people died in the Battle of Okinawa telling so, one of Kyoto’s Nishi Hongan-JI temple to Temple and Taketomi experience of those who testify, such as collecting produced films all over the country in the cinema published.
Taketomi is produced”documentary The Battle of Okinawa”, the fierce ground battles by many residents and U.S. soldiers such as the 20 million lives lost, the Battle of Okinawa telling,1 hour and 45 minutes of the movie.

The sect of peaceful learning materials and was produced as May,in the city of the screening is open to the public to ask for a voice make the joke that this is all about getting the month from the nationwide cinema screenings and things like that.

In the movie, The Battle of Okinawa last year, the children put was sunk evacuation ship”Tsushima Maru”tragedy and Tokashiki island during the so-called”collective self-determination”, a large number of casualties, 嘉数 battle in Highlands, such as at the time to know the 12-person testimony and the experts talk and I draw.

He was the Director of OTA 隆文 is”政治色 and especially with religious aspect to the exclusion of the time during the history will tell to content, a lot of people to the foolishness of war to know, as well as the cause of the tragedy is where I keep track of new faces.”

The movie”a documentary on the Battle of Okinawa”, this month from 25 nationwide, 22 of the cinema, successively,have been screened in.