Telecommuting experience after the office, returning more than half of the discomfort–The Matrix survey

Companies and organizations of experience (experience) data management solution to provide access to the full matrix is 7 month 30 days,the Corona Virus virus outbreak in the office before working for the Japanese men and women of 500 people for”Return to Work & Back to Business Study”of Rome and the Smithsonian Institution’s Consortium for understanding and sustaining a biodiverse planet.

In the current work, the most you will do?

Returning to the workplace are you comfortable?

According to this, the respondents 7% greater temporary telecommute after the experience in the office work back office back to comfortable working people is 8%, and more than half are anxious about when. Or”feel uncomfortable they return to the workplace What is the reason?” “And since I monetarily from severe”(21%),”uncomfortable is work and how is not uncomfortable”(20%),”the workplace is really needed from”(18%),”Access and don’t want the”(16%)of the answers is higher and different.

Return to the office when the most uncomfortable with is what?

Return to the office when you the most important thing is what?

The office worked to feel uncomfortable as a factor,infected people is increasing the situation are listed, it and almost at the same level”seriously preventive measures and not employees”is also like that. Or”disinfectant”is not a”mask not employees of the””symptoms even in comparison to people as”items on the top have gone up.

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