The breathing, you can control the mask development

The squad is 9 in late and the mask”ASICS RUNNERS FACE COVER(the runner’s face in the cover)”to ASICs direct store ASICs online store to be launched.

“ASICS RUNNERS FACE COVER(the runner’s face in the cover)”(tax not included 3,800 yen)

The products are airborne droplets, and suppress the diffusion of the comfortable breathing of its own technology mask. Institute of sport science, ASICs running in breathing volume and frequency, splashes of distance, such as research,analysis of development or another.

The Shape of the mask, the breathing, and the mask body and the mouth and between reasonable space for three-dimensional design and. The mask body 2-layer structure, the outer layer is within the mask, the heat absorbed by drying and uncomfortable in the real sense of relief. The inner layer, the mask at the bottom of the mesh material, and exhale to downward discharge structure, the droplets of the diffusion suppressing mask in the pursuit of airflow, however.

The outer layer,the antibacterial processing was subjected to quick drying and excellent materials employ. Recycled polyester approximately 31%blended being. Excellent fit, in order to achieve the mask side of the elastic to the back of the head stop,drawcord to adjust the specifications adopted.

Institute of sport science, ASICs is the product for driving in the experiment, the mask and see and feel excellent breathability and comfort that you are with.

Size is one size(size L)only,H about 13. 8cm×W: about 21. 6cm. The color is pea coat. Price is plus tax 3,800 yen.