“The contents of the disability were written and it committed suicide” and it filed a lawsuit seeking compensation from the officers of the local government association.

“The contents of the disability were written and committed suicide” July 31, 19:54

Over the suicide of a man with intellectual disabilities in a municipal residence in Osaka City, the bereaved family filed an appeal with the Osaka District Court seeking compensation from the local government association and officers, saying that it was caused by a piece of paper writing “I have ginger” and “I can’t do money.”
According to the complaint, a 36-year-old man who lived in a municipal housing complex in Hirano-ku, Osaka, told residents in November last year that he could not accept the “chief” of the duty due to a lottery, and that he could not accept it because of intellectual or mental disabilities, and that he could not accept it, and that he could not do it. He was told to show the paper to other residents.

The man committed suicide the next day, and the bereaved family filed an appeal for compensation of 25 million yen in line with the community association and the president and chief at the time.

On March 31, the trial began in the Osaka District Court, and the bereaved family argued that the cause of the suicide was the cause of the suicide that they were harassed, such as being forced to write that they had a disability.

On the other hand, the community association admitted that the man had written it on paper, countered that “it is not forced, and it is not harassment because it is necessary to gain the understanding of other residents”, and asked to dismiss the appeal.

The brother of the man who committed suicide said, “My brother was a kind and serious person in front of his family. He didn’t want to know about his disability on a daily basis, and when he met me on the day he was made to write a piece of paper, he said, “I’m forced to write, and I’m going to be exposed, what should I do?” If it weren’t for this incident, I wouldn’t have committed suicide, and I can’t forgive him.”

[Full text]contents of 17 items written by men

On the paper that the deceased man wrote, 17 items such as the act and feelings on life are listed following the word “There is ginger”, and it is written that the man can do in the part of the head, and x is written in the thing which cannot be done and is weak. It is the full text.

“There is ginger.
○2500 Enshifuto can be put in
X Kane no Kei-san can’t
You can make a story in 1 want 1.
When there are a lot of people, I want to be scared and want to make it.
It is possible to turn the circle next to ○
If you have a person, you can save your mother-in-year.
X Inu and cat are a white-bee
X I can’t make a mess of garbage.
I’m going to take it on my own.
You can also do it.
○ You can do something that is hard to make to a snappy place anywhere.
I can go to Kuyakushokubiyon.
X kanji ya katakana is a nigle
It’s only that I want to be a good one.
I’m not going to do it.
If you don’t take the smoldering, you won’t be able to sleep.
I can have kyoekihihancho-san’s opinion.

November 24, Reiwa *Room number *Men’s signature”
(※Part is corrected and anonymized)

In addition, it is that the self-governing president and the chief at that time who confirmed the contents are signing next to the man’s signature.