The problem of validation results Kimura flowers mother”distrust from”

The problem of validation results Kimura flowers mother”distrust from the”7 on 31 at 21: 12 minutes

Kimura flowers’s mother Kyoko I(43) is a Fuji TV has announced the verification results about the”external people to survey, fair and serious investigation is made and is not felt was content. The flowers are”to and from”and the LINE to the left, I want to be a testimony to you was, from the emotional expression of the force and was thought to possess no”and talk.
Validation of the results in the”production side SNS ablaze that such intent was not”about”you can see the contents of the WHO be convinced of. If only one of the same slander was flooded at the time and did not question, and its performers to the mind of the care that you need and would like. Broadcasting can she not defend I think it is,Netflix and terrestrial repeat broadcast,the care was insufficient and not even say it is preposterous and feel”and talk.

Validation and publication of results about how the””family’s feelings into consideration as the announcement said,”to advance very sudden announcement, what consideration there was some distrust there. Flowers of honor, to recover from the truth to pursue new design.”