The Spa the 25th anniversary of the shop from tomorrow,limited edition T-shirt sales and the Spa history of the Looking Back exhibition

– The manufacturers・the cost of our 25th anniversary to commemorate”the Akihabara×the Spa 25th anniversary of the shop”is tomorrow, 8 months from 1 September to 31 August in Tokyo, the Akihabara 1 store on the 2nd floor of the event space to open in.
Shop 25th anniversary as a limited edition,the anime”Evangelion”series,”Mobile Suit Gundam””ONE PIECE”and a piece of T-shirt sales. Other new products also, 1st from the 3rd into the pre-sale, the 1st is 8 month 1 days,2nd 10 days,3rd is 17 days more to be handled.
The shop held during the period,the Akihabara 1 store indoors and out, the anime and the game is an illustration of wrapping it. 8 month 1 days, from the 16th of the 1st,from 17 to 31 in Vol. 2 of the design is different,the 1st series of the subject work・the character is the movie”The blah of her parenting was Fine”anime,”all scan△””no game・no life””Re:starting from scratch a different world that lives”of”Mobile Suit Gundam””Oni destruction Blade” “Hero class Kaiser”,”Evangelion”series, the game”Touhou Project”series,Hatsune Miku. From the store on the 3rd floor, the room to expand for Goodies・costumes and,star of the history and chronology to showcase”what is great to see the Spa’s 25 years in office. Exhibition”will also be performed.
The addition of the Akihabara 1 store・2 store of Target stores, the accounting amount tax included 500 yen per character card. Wrapping as well as 8 on 1 and 16, of 1st,from 17 to 31 in Vol. 2 of the different cards are available. 1st of 10 species to the Evangelion series than Shinji,Rei,Maki wave, Mali illustration, a”no game・no life”more white,”all Scan△”by Shima, the game”Summer Pockets REFLECTION BLUE”by Kamiyama knowledge,水織 静久,”Touhou Project” Series Hakurei Reimu,Hatsune Miku,Kagamine Rin・but each was drawn.
In addition, 8 November 1 from”the Akihabara×the Spa 25th anniversary of the shop”and part of some stores, the purchase amount incl 1650 yen per character of an illustration with a design of”pinched”seal is 1 piece distributed. From the store to the linked campaign, as”the Akihabara×the Spa 25th anniversary of the shop”in the shop who are lottery ticket gift. This ticket to Akihabara, of course first of all, to have up to 1 million yen worth of gift certificates lottery draw feature. For details, refer to”COSPA 25th Anniversary”special website to confirm.
“The Akihabara×the Spa 25th anniversary of the shop”
Period: the year 2020 8 November 1(sat) ~ 8/31 ()
Time: 10:00 ~ 21:00
Venue: Tokyo the Akihabara 1 store on the 2nd Floor Event Space
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