Tokyo Hachioji to PCR test for 160 junior high school students due to teacher infection Corona Virus

Tokyo Hachioji To PCR Test for 160 Junior High School Students due to Teacher Infection Corona Virus July 31 15:35

One of the teachers at a municipal junior high school in Hachioji City, Tokyo, was confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus, and the public health center determined that 160 students and three colleagues had a strong contact, and decided to conduct a PCR test one after another.
According to the Hachioji City Board of Education, this teacher who works at a municipal junior high school had a fever on the 25th of this month, so he visited a medical institution the next day, and as a result of subsequent PCR tests, infection with the new coronavirus was confirmed on the 30th.

Currently recuperating at a medical institution, the symptoms are mild, but so far the route of infection has not been known.

The teacher last worked on the 23rd of this month, two days before the symptoms appeared, and the public health center decided that 160 students and three of their fellow teachers were in strong contact, and from the 31st, pcr tests were conducted sequentially.

According to the Board of Education, this junior high school was scheduled to enter the summer vacation from the 6th of next month, but in order to prevent the spread of infection, it was temporarily closed from the 31st, and it will enter the summer vacation as it is.