Toray, NEC,data infrastructure–the quality of the product inspection information in the supply chain shared

Toray, NEC,product quality inspection information to digital data collection and sharing quality data base was constructed.

The base, the inspection device is extracted from the quality of the product inspection information as digital data collected and stored,the quality of the data base through this information in the supply chain to share. This sharing process is manual through to quality inspection information of the reliability and quality assurance operational efficiency that leads to.

The Foundation is already in the Toray group in the operation of some of start, and future customers and group companies outside of and quality data sharing.

NEC the quality of the data base aims Image (Source:Toray,NEC)

The base on the inspection results of the past aggregate information for quality, trend visualization,chart format, you can check. This trend to share with customers the customer is the quality of their products and the investigation of when this data can be leveraged. For example, it was shown quality trend data by utilizing the JIS(Japan industrial standard) of the abnormality determination rule in accordance with the abnormality detection can be carried out, the analysis of the load is reduced.