Toray,the human resources SaaS”SuccessFactors”introducing–a new human resource development process to establish

Toray is the SAP Manager of the human resources SaaS”SAP SuccessFactors”was introduced. The project’s overall promotion and Human Resources Business Process Reform, Support of system introduction,ABeam Consulting was responsible.

This time,the existing HR processes and HR Information Systems from a smooth transition toward a
(1) Human Resources Information Management and visualization and goal management of the system,(2) the successor plan of the group
The entire centralized management,(3) development of programs related to re-establishment–of the 3 phase advance

SuccessFactors is a talent management, payroll various HR operations to SaaS in the form provided. To diversify ways of working, responding to global companies for employee training and business strategy necessary for securing human resources,the transformation led to the development of human resources is available as. The development of human resources and General business operations covering product from among the priority・effect of high duties in stages from use to begin with and the suitability and flexibility of such a global and widely respected.

ABeam Consulting,business between to complex reporting lines of the evaluation flow into and the permissions set for the development and implementation, user training through business processes, such as after the introduction can help you to take advantage of you. Also developed by SuccessFactors Deployment Template, it is possible to develop short-term project to promote.