We hardly×BEAMS collaboration shop opened today,limited goods from a person personal belongings in lined

And almost by the novel”The level”and BEAMS of the shop today, 7 August 31 from 8 on May 19 by the Tokyo・beam balance, on the 4th floor of the culture by the beams to open.
“Level”is a cartoonist and Illustrator as well as activities. and but,the first feature-length romance novels. The cover is 友沢 Mimi John the and the and parents from the unit・it is a Park charge. Store at and is an eco-bag,mug,sticker sets, T-shirt,hot towels and other original Goodies for the individual’s personal belongings sell. Also the cover motif items and a sign of”level”also appeared, and it is a garden of original drawings are also exhibited.
Visitors,and they edit the”level”of the sub presents. BEAMS online shop today and collectibles mail order also performed.
Period: the year 2020 7 January 31 (Fri) ~ 8 May 19 (Wed.)
Location: Tokyo, Japan the culture by beams Shinjuku