Yokozuna Hakuho is closed sumo 7 on location

Yokozuna Hakuho is closed sumo 7 on the location 7 May 31, 11 at 34 minutes

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Sumo of yokozuna Hakuho right knee pain for 7 months where day 13 of 31 days from the closed world. Now the place is from Day 2 he has most also closed as a yokozuna with the absence or.
This 3 month Spring match at the 44 second victory Road is now the place is a stable of sumo showing 10 days for 1 person win all the matches,the championship of solo top and I was standing on.

But on Day 11 the principles Daiei Xiang lost to now the place the first time took a loss,30 day 12 day sekiwake alongside the sea to lose to a 2-game losing streak and more.

The efforts of you and the road, and feet to mind as many times show,the stage and pull you in……

The road is 31 October,in Tokyo in the hospital right knee meniscus injury for 2 weeks of treatment need diagnosed Japan Sumo Association to take the 7 on where day 13 from a closed can.

The road’s closed, and after 1 month of 初場所 since the 15 th. 31 day play was scheduled to sekiwake 正代 The Byes and more.

Now the place is most intriguing name also from Day 2 closed, and Yokozuna absence of location will be.