【You get】at the wall and ask for help that small creatures – “desperately endured as cute””stuffed sandwich I want”and Twitter is very popular

First, please look at the photographs. Not everyone is at the wall,someone is asking for your help is a long way from……? From no(@xrariranx)is on Twitter posting pics everyone talked about.

Guitar soft case and between the walls ※tap expansion

Most ※tap expansion

A desperate attitude in this one for the hamster of the Zhu round I(Boys・2 months). Height, which is also many times higher climb and descend become of it? Loss like look cute but………

Zhu round to speak with”one in the room walk to the side so as not to……. Just keep an eye for you”sound like you”and the whereabouts looking for the top eyes on, and this was the state of in. Insanely impatience from the camera to switch on. I do videos daily routine in a way cited in this not living there and did not think”and the situation at the time told me.

Incidentally”this soon after we secured it.” Zhu round also and just…….

“Help~” ※tap expansion

This saw the post from readers is”desperately endured as cute””stuffed sandwich I want,”Zhu round of cuteness honoring the voice from it.

pic.twitter.com/q5VP0MRnUh— From more®︎ (@xrariranx) July 29, 2020