2020 Year 8 month of mortgage interest rate trends. 【Flat 35】interest rate is 2 consecutive months of raising

In Japan, economic activity is beginning to return, the Corona Virus virus infection expansion once again in the nation begun to expand. Under such circumstances,the mortgage interest rate is how was it done? 8 month【flat 35】interest rate trends, let’s see.

2020 Year 8 months【flat 35】interest rate is the previous month, followed by + 0.01%

This month,the whole period between the fixed rate mortgage loan【flat 35】(purchase type)the interest rate last month from plus 0. 01%, and a loan rate of 9 percent or less, the repayment period 21~35 years mechanism troupe that included 1. To 31%. Or loan ratio of 9 percent or less・repayment period 15 to 20 years the interest rate is 1. 24% of the time. 7 months following 2 consecutive months of raising, and more.

For~Corona infection re-expansion of the circumstances under【flat 35】interest rates rise

At the end of the month the fluctuation of interest rates, the real estate and financial about the people in the industry comparable to the findings of a Certified Public Accountant blogger thousand days in Taro for you.
7 early,temporary, long-term interest rates are 0. 04%in the Rose. This is the government, the Corona Virus virus-related emergency economic measures of collecting money for government bonds, the issuance of all market bonds is oversupply expected from the bond price under the(long-term interest rates went up)for you.
But then, around the world in a new type of coronavirus infection is re-expanded to the vigilance of the safe asset and the bond market support, and long-term interest rates will go down again,7 Mid and end is 0. 02%and remained unchanged in the period.
8 month【flat 35】 (purchase type)of the interest rates on the rise and. This is usually a little earlier than the timing mechanism of the bonds 表面利率 it was announced, the long-term interest rates of the previous day closing price of 0. 02%the previous month and the same remained for the mechanism of bonds 表面利率 also unchanged at 0. 36%only. This is on the street.
【Flat 35】 (purchase type)of financing mechanism(※)from that of the interest rate mechanism bonds of 表面利率 in conjunction with the same as sidewise as you can,in fact, as shown in the following table 0. 01%of the rise in.

The substantive economy is up, even if you haven【flat 35】 (purchase type)of interest on there. Long-term interest rates as an indicator of 10-year government bond yield, and this was on a timing mechanism bonds of 表面利率 on, we have no choice but to.
However, the mechanism of bonds 表面利率 also remained unchanged and was,【flat 35】 (purchase type) and the interest rate is 0. 01%on that, it’s just jhf to profit increase. this means that.
Incidentally, in 2020, 7 month, long-term interest rates and mechanism of the bonds 表面利率 is 0. 02%on the,【flat 35】 (purchase type)the rise in interest rates is 0. 01%hybrid applications. The previous month it only loss suffered all.
Incidentally, the jhf is a non-profit a non-profit organization, so the benefit of leveling with the intent of the mortgage determine the interest rate that is no claim and have a…… However, a mortgage from a user’s standpoint and,in 2020 7 a month to run if 0. 01%and by 2020, the 8 month run if 0. 01%loss on it.
※【Flat 35】 (purchase type)the financing of the mechanism
Mortgage【flat 35】(purchase type), as shown below jhf from private lenders loans got Securitized,institutional investors in the bond market through the mechanism of bonds in the form of sales makes possible.

This mechanism bonds is a monthly, 20 days after 表面利率 announced to recruit. Investors who mechanism on bonds the country is handled by a secure bond, and the idea of purchase, the mechanism of bonds 表面利率 the country to issue bonds = 10-year government bond yields(long-term interest rates)geared to tend to.

Author:ARUHI magazine editorial