Car culture auto mobile workers, 2020 held in│a virtual Mall are also carried out

Heritage car exhibition event,Auto Mobile the 2020 fiscal year also kicked off. We held the 5th event. “CLASSIC MEETS MODERN”to the French, the Japanese car manufacturer, importer, supplier,Heritage Car Dealer,Marche,the event organizer will gather, yesteryear of the car, and the latest models under one roof at the show.

Initially 4 months scheduled for the Corona Virus virus affected, 8 November 1 (Sat), 2 day (day) adjourned was held. And even now anxiety is,”automotive cultural inheritance of choppy and not”with determination and held to. It was,at the same time, the number of visitors is a 5000 person limit in addition to wear the mask duty and the temperature of the implementation, such as the Corona Virus virus epidemic prevention measures are being introduced.

Or from home, it also can as a tool,the actual exhibition and the concurrently held online by paid exhibition”AUTOMOBILE COUNCIL 2020 Virtual Mall”to conduct. Exhibition vehicle such as the first day of the exhibition on Friday experts report that video recorded,on the following Saturday and Sunday 2-day”AUTOMOBILE COUNCIL”the official home page fee to be published again. The distance of the event is difficult and the infection concerned about coming ahead to get your hair color・I have policies with.

This year’s theme is”60’s Le Mans cars of the great and beauty”in software・the A3/C and the Alpine M63 organizer and the exhibition as a guest welcome. Mazda is the brand to celebrate 100th anniversary,the successive model of the exhibition have done. Other times, beyond the car’s appeal to once again feel the car is more exhibited.

Held from 9 am to 17 PM. On the day of admission is 3000 yen. The actual feet carries a good, this year is of virtual and you.

Exhibitors are listed below
Japanese car manufacturers:Toyota Motor Corporation, Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Mazda Co., Ltd.

Premium import car: Jaguar color,McLaren Automotive Asia Pte Ltd.

Supplier:Sankyo Tateyama (Japan)Sankyo Tateyama, Inc., Japan Michelin tires

Premium lifestyle:CYBERDYNE,Champagne Casters Liébart,Scuderia 46,NOMON,front Velcro pocket,H-art Beat Gallery

Sponsor exhibition: Yana set/Yana access to the classic car center, Barneys New York

Heritage Car Dealer:PORSCHE JAPAN,out needs,Atlantic cars, and garage,AC MINDS,auto Direct, Auto Roman, elegant Inn 伊太利 room,garage, work site,KLASSISK GARAGE (classic garage) ,KOA SPEED,record to a simple, auto, spinning the garage,David Brown Automotive/White House, vintage Miyata car,Hara Workshop,up cars,the BRITISH LABEL/MOTOR Logic Company, BECK JAPAN,RANGERS,WANNA DRIVE

Marche:ARTISAN ALLEY(grocery and apparel),active garage/fit/drop box/new Check, E-Plan,ELSE the DESIGN,OT the auto mobile application, office 403, CACAZAN,CAMSHOP. JP, and Kyowa Xing material,Kusaka Engineering, Market Size,application size, International Trade, Savoia. s. r. l, Gentry,JMAC Shizuoka, automotive hobby shop the,great work, Danny・Le,Chiba, garage,DEEC,software process model Hilo★rides artist, a popular brewery,No Standing Here,the video system,the IS I Studio VALORS,BBF cooperatives, the Premium・Car Care・Manager K. K./ Mac mechanics tools K. K., 富士越 写真機店,the,MOTHERS,Miki Shobo,Motorimoda,LE GARAGE


Event organizer:Okayama International Circuit,Fuji Speedway,French Blue Meeting,Monaco Government Tourism Conference Bureau