Communication without worrying about infection Rental robots with costumes

Communication without worrying about infection Rental robot with costume August 1 11:24

As the new coronavirus infection spreads, a service has been launched that allows you to rent home robots and their costumes that allow you to communicate without worrying about infection.

The service started with a company that develops robot costumes, and when you apply from a dedicated website, you can rent a total of 11 types of commercially available home communication robots, such as “aibo” (Aibo) and “RoBoHoN” (RoboPhone).

The price varies depending on the robot, but the cheapest costume set is about 5000 yen for 7 nights and 8 days.

According to the company, due to the new coronavirus, there is a growing interest in familiar robots that can communicate at home without worrying about infection, and there were many people who wanted to rent it.

Yukinori Izumi of RocketRoad, who started the service, said, “Communication robots are still expensive when you buy them, but first of all, we hope that many people will feel good about living with robots.”