Domestic infection: August 1, 569 people infected with each day (as of 3:00 p.m.)

Domestic infection: August 1, 569 people infected with each day (as of 3:00 p.m.) August 1, 15:34

A total of 569 people have been announced nationwide, including 472 new cases in Tokyo and 32 in Hyogo Prefecture. A total of 37,670 people were confirmed infected in Japan, including quarantine at Kashiwa Airport, and 712 passengers and crew on the cruise ship. A total of 1026 people died, including 1013 people infected in the country and 13 on board cruise ships.
According to each municipality, the number of people who have been confirmed to be infected in Japan is as follows in total. ( ) is a new infected person of the day.

13,163 people (472) in Tokyo
Osaka Prefecture has 4057
There are 2483 people in Kanagawa Prefecture.
There are 2310 people in Saitama Prefecture.
Fukuoka Prefecture has 1926
There are 1805 people in Aichi Prefecture.
There are 1646 people in Chiba Prefecture.
There are 1428 people in Hokkaido.
Hyogo Prefecture has 1252 (32)
There are 787 people in Kyoto Prefecture.
395 people in Okinawa Prefecture
Hiroshima Prefecture has 345 (16)
There are 331 people in Gifu Prefecture.
Kashiwa Ishikawa Prefecture has 321 people
Ibaraki Prefecture has 294 people
Kashiwa Shizuoka Prefecture has 277 (4)
Kagoshima Prefecture has 252
Kashiwa Toyama Prefecture has 242 (4)
There are 235 people in Nara Prefecture.
200 people (9) in Kumamoto Prefecture
Kashiwa Tochigi Prefecture has 195 people
There are 190 people in Gunma Prefecture.
Kashiwa Shiga Prefecture has 171 people
Kashiwa Miyagi Prefecture has 160 people
There are 150 people in Wakayama Prefecture.
There are 141 people in Miyazaki Prefecture.
139 people in Fukui Prefecture
113 people (3) in Niigata Prefecture
Kashiwa Nagano Prefecture has 111 (6)
107 people in Mie Prefecture (6)
There are 97 people in Kashiwa Yamanashi Prefecture.
Kashiwa Ehime Prefecture has 92 (3)
There are 89 people in Fukushima Prefecture.
Kashiwa Okayama Prefecture has 86 (7)
Saga Prefecture has 86 people (4)
There are 80 people in Kochi Prefecture.
Kashiwa Yamagata Prefecture has 76
There are 74 people in Nagasaki Prefecture.
There are 66 people in Oita Prefecture.
Yamaguchi Prefecture has 55 (2)
There are 46 people in Kashiwa Kagawa Prefecture.
There are 32 people in Aomori Prefecture.
There are 29 people in Kashiwa Shimane Prefecture.
Tokushima Prefecture has 26 people (1)
There are 18 people in Akita Prefecture.
Kashiwa Tottori Prefecture has 15 people
There are four people in Iwate Prefecture.

In addition, 588 people were infected by a charter plane from China and a total of 173 people were infected with national officials and quarantine officers.

According to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, 87 people have been treated with a new coronavirus infection as of March 31, such as a ventilator or intensive care unit.

On the other hand, people who have been discharged from the hospital with improved symptoms
24,929 people infected in Japan
There were 659 passengers and crew on the cruise ship.
The total number of employees is 25,588.

On the 29th of last month, 19,935 PCR tests were conducted per day in preliminary figures.

※ The summary is subject to be revised at a later date. *It does not include people infected by U.S. forces in Japan.