“GUNDAM Cafe TOKYO”opening ceremony,古谷徹”private go with you!”

“Gundam”series of experience-based concept cafe GUNDAM Cafe TOKYO BRAND for the CORE, but the news has left 7 on May 31st in Akihabara, Tokyo, was held at the process・level of 古谷徹 game news.
The interior of the”restaurant area”made at the opening ceremony,”Gundam”fans known of Kyan, we have to be moderator・he moderated,Furuya as a guest on stage. Restaurants distribute”Gundam Cafe dedicated to a”Wear appeared Furuya is”the process of,Gundam,and go again.” And immediately familiar to show off. The area of the Space Battleship Windows reminiscent of a large monitor is provided, the outer space and the space colony such as a landscape picture can enjoy. Screen full of Gundam and Unicorn Gundam moving around to see the figure Furuya is”a bridge from the window of the look and feel to it!” People said to us. Further, the process of living side 7 of the views are projected and”below are some photos from the trip,my hometown it!”and instantly the reaction. The Earth Federation forces was used by the underground base・jab about the”bad memories out in……. That came location it!”and frown or. You can choose from combat mode, the enemy attacked and it was full of Federal troops against”the sooner Gundam come by items, but have a few more”and involuntarily out loud scene. Follow the menu’s introduction is”all and in sake, continue it,”he said.
Following the popularity of Gundam character appeared on the screen, the visitors list while participating guests can enjoy the show program”G DIMENSIONS EX DINNER SHOW”introduction. “Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN””Mobile Suit Gundam SEED”program is available, and this is THE”ORIGIN”of the program”app and can you give”dawn of the rally to””some published. The guide and app, respectively, devised the menu to behave as set in the theme”and I just red your”reputed to be a devise of the menu for Furuya is”not like you”and comments. Actually ate Kyan is”this tomato and beef sweet by and by”and follow it.
Also the Zeon Principality army of the world to enjoy the area”Zeon’s Diner TOKYO”explanation. In the same area to enjoy the projection mapping of video and in-store landscape is projected onto the monitor, and Furuya has a bar counter including white suits, Man reaction. Blonde in sunglasses times it has taken me a long time to figure this out,”Jack it!, only thing. “Sonny please”with a scene like”that’s it,Kyan is”very like that seen in(laughs), definitely say good for you.”and returned. Goods featured through in-store referrals are one street over, Furuya is the”one app I 池田秀一 I invited my”Amuro,the Gundam Cafe to go to!” So,come in private I want”and the feelings said.
To mark the opening cut tape,Furuya from sunrise President・Makoto Asanuma,JR East Akihabara Station stationmaster・田中秀樹 Mr. from personnel 6 people. Tape the cut after today as the anniversary Furuya, for the GUNDAM Cafe they can custom cakes and special system is provided. Cake and Latte, the process of illustration and Furuya photos all prints. Latte is on special today only sale also. The festive mood is drifting in,”GUNDAM Cafe TOKYO stands the word from”with Kyan’s question Furuya is”today’s opening not only,the video so as to enjoy the elements, because there are a lot of”Gundam”fan, not as fun but I’m quite happy with it as is. My personal request is, why the Federal area more widely as well. (laughs). In the future the program has changed a lot like fun”and expectations were.
GUNDAM Cafe TOKYO BRAND CORE, the Gundam official café・GUNDAM Cafe Akihabara store 4 times the size of the bar experience-the concept of the cafe. Cafe in the”restaurant area””Zeon’s Diner TOKYO””shop””fortuneLatte Cafe”of the 4 areas, consisting of”restaurant area””Zeon’s Diner TOKYO”store in the new variety program is being prepared.