Gundam:”AOZ”in the Huizen・there’s a live II]HG TR-1…

The popular anime”Gundam”series of planning”ADVANCE OF Z-Titans under the banner of”that appeared in the Gundam TR-1[Huizen・there’s a live II]of the plastic model,Bandai spirits of”HG”from the series”HG 1/144 Gundam TR-1[Huizen・there’s a live II](ADVANCE OF Z-Titans under the banner of)”to be launched. The price is 5940 yen.
TR-1 Series the final evolution of enhanced specifications[Huizen・there’s a line II]to three-dimensional. Impressive Titans color molded in color reproduction. Head size・blade type of antenna, the waist of the mode of the unit, back to the expansion drum frame and the raster unit to the new shape reproduced in parts such as[Huizen・there’s a live II]of form,details pursuit for.
The shoulder portion,the lumbar support mechanism in the handle II]is equipped with. Body to fit to the new joint parts,various armed parts included. The composite shield booster is a part of recombinant can, expand the telescopic state. Beam rifle, Beam Saber is also included.
Bandai official shopping site”Premium Bandai”in the booking. 11 months is expected to ship.