Kabuki-za is 5 months performances resume shout your Corona Virus

Kabuki-za is 5 months performances resume shout your Corona Virus 8 November 1 at 17: 52 minutes

The new coronavirus, with the effect of this 3 month tour stop was Tokyo’s Kabuki-za theatre, and Infection Prevention for the staged method, such as change in 1 Day, 5 months to the performances resume,Resume waiting for fans theaters on shoes.
Tokyo’s Kabuki-za is a new type of coronavirus infection by expanding,and then 3 months from 5 months to over + jacket covers, but to the theater of the Leave Request is canceled, the expert advice received on infection prevention measures, and 1 day from the performances resumed.

Kabuki-za is from 11 a.m. performances before, and resumed waiting for fans to discover,a social media service, keeping a good record of temperature received from the theater we entered.

Part 1 of the”Soviet Lion”starring Kataoka ainosuke is not”as soon as possible the situation of the convergence to wish, every stage to serve as”one voice can start before the flow, and the curtain opened.

Performances resume for the theater seats less than half reduced, and the”4 part system”for the first time taken,customers performers 1 hour most of the repertoire on this to view information about network connections such as which networks exist and are connected.

The couple visited in the 60s for men”every month, the Kabuki to see, the performance period of the delivery while watching the video resume has long been awaited. Every day, many infected individuals have been reported a little worried there, but measures have peace of mind only”and was talking.

This”August star of Kabuki”, this month 26 days performances will continue in the future.

Performances resume for the Kabukiza, the elderly but also for many visitors, where prevention measures thorough as possible.

Specifically,▽entrance in thermography has been established,37.5 degrees or more of our admission…. and…..▽ The seats are front, back, left and right to empty,the actors, and the Hanamichi, passing through or near a balcony seat to our customers not to put.▽ Ventilation sufficiently to do Sunday in the auditorium doors open, and in the measures taken, and so on.

The Kabukiza Theater seats a total of 1808 seats will use less than half of the 823 seats, 4 unit system, with 1 hour almost everyone has it instead of you. Also, Kabuki’s only your taste which is also a shout such as is not calls.

Even on stage, even▽nagauta and 鳴物, black custom mask, and▽the audience and the distance to empty for, the actor is also a stage in the back of the dance such as to respond to that.

This measures the performance of the previous day 31, and released to the media, the theatre staff,a good record of temperature and urged the ticket myself, just had to make sure to work in……

Shochiku 安孫子 duplicate President”in this time of resumption of conflict, the infectious disease expert advice, and thorough measures-book with us and resume after that. Kabuki-za is to the elderly a lot for visiting,3 secretly, how to avoid the nerve respond and the customer to cooperate and they want to continue”and was talking.

Matsumoto kōshirō”real resume to the start line”

Part 4 starring Matsumoto kōshirō is the first day, the day before the interview according to the”first play, we played them to a place thought out for this and it is still there”and Kabuki-za theatre performances at the resumption of the Joy told.

Also, the performance is abandoned for a period”for the first time one of you get away,can’t do anything about that you felt inadequate, What do think of physical fitness but also mental strength, not even the state was” And looking back,your own brainchild in the online Kabuki to deliver a lot of living to got about that”really is like no other. Were in the theater to see the Kabuki and the house you see in the Kabuki of the 2 choices can’t be seen from the new design.”

That”now there is a limit to the resume, but every resume is a true”resume”, I believe. 8 months of performances,for that line I think and 12 months,Kabuki performances are open to move forward one you want”and morale was.