Otsu Corona Virus end and heat payment hope at the Shrine wind chime festival

Otsu Corona Virus end and heat payments in the hope Shrine in wind chimes about 8 month 1 days 21 when 22 minutes

Otsu Shrine in the summer heat, and a new type of coronavirus an end, I hope the 200 odd wind chimes lowering the wind chimes will be done.
Wind chimes will be done by the Otsu’s 和田神社 in the precincts and along the approach to a red and green multicolored wind chimes and 200 too is decorated.

During the plague to protect people from and tell them the youkai”Amateur service”and,the Shrine is a symbol of Ginkgo painted wind chimes, such as you,those who visited to take pictures sounds fun but….

Also, wind chimes, and a variety of the wish for a strip is also attached, as”everyone is in good spirits with a smile you will not feel like”such as was being written.

The Shrine children who visited the”no wind chimes there was a lot of fun,”or,”the sooner the corona is not how we design.”

和田神社 Terada 智次 is the”evil pay the wind chimes cool tones by listening,even a little physical and play all you want”and was talking. Wind chimes will this month 20 days done.