Professional baseball Softbank, Rakuten and Game difference 1. 5 to spread

Professional baseball Softbank, Rakuten and Game difference 1. 5 spread on a 8 month 1 day 0 hour 12 minutes

Professional Baseball Night Game 6 match against the Pacific League leading Softbank is won,lost 2nd place Rakuten and Game difference 1. 5 spread.

The Pacific League

▽Softbank vs. Seibu
Softbank is 5 to 4 won.
Softbank has 3 points to follow up 3 times,now a player 2 points, a timely base hit in the 1 to cut the deficit looming,Nakamura, Akira Kurihara and the village players of consecutive timely hit is reversed.
This is Seibu the movie, but 6 times in Akashi-the players of No. 2, solo home run in win over was.
2nd threw 嘉弥真 pitcher this season and first win here.
Seibu is the starting lineup of the pitcher is 6 times 5 conceded and thickening in……

▽Lotte vs. Rakuten
Lotte is 5 to 4 won.
Lotte is 1 point up to 6 times, Inoue athletes sacrifice fly and Tamura of the player 2 points, a timely hit, such as 4-point Rob was reversed.
The starting lineup of the Ishikawa pitcher is 6 times 2 goals, and tenacity was the first time this season, winning 9 times and threw Masuda pitcher is 10 attention here.
Rakuten is the starting lineup of 則本 昂大 pitcher 6 times during 5 conceded and crumble this season and 3 losses eyes.

▽Nippon Ham vs ORIX
ORIX is 7 vs 2 and won.
Oryx 2 against 2 came 7 times, and Adachi players of Internet providers and Nishiura players of sports base hit as a batter to completion of the attack in one fell swoop 5 points away,a win over them.
The 3rd Saito, pitcher for 6 years in the first victory, the team’s losing streak to 4 in stopped.
Nippon Ham starter 有原 pitcher is 7 times the middle 6 clean sheet and hammered it, the team’s winning streak is 3 + so it’s easier to see opinions from people you care about.

Central League

▽Giants vs Hiroshima
Giants 2 to 1 won.
The Giants are 1-point chasing 4 times,Kamei players and the Circle Players of timely hit is 2 points away reversed.
Advance Hata pitcher is in a dangerous ball 5 times in the middle left, but then 5 people of the pitcher relay in fleeing it.
The 3rd OE pitcher is first win.
Hiroshima is hit 3 of the Book 1 point stop, this card 4 game losing streak, suffered.

▽China and Japan for the Yakult
Sino-Japanese is 5 to 3 against the won.
Sino-Japanese is 1 point up to 6 times, the ED player’s timely hit and Abe of tool base 2 points to put reversed.
The starting lineup of Ohno Yudai pitcher is 9 times 3 runs in,complete games in a season and the first victory was decorated.
Yakult is Shiomi players solo home run in the opener,Murakami, players of the online system – – – – – – – – – – – – – – expand the lead, but 5 times later,add the point to Rob it.

▽Hanshin for Dena
Extended 10 times, stipulated by the 3: 3 draw.
Hanshin 4 times,are pleased to be able to develop a meaningful relationship with the players of the No. 3 system to the application system – – – – – – – – – – – – – – pre-emptive, but Dena is 6 times by 1 point, return 7 times to Austin of the players timely hit in the first 2 goals and that is one of the things that have caught up.
If both teams runners out but never lacking their draw.