Solo cinema Courier of the 12th of heresy, idol・長瀬智也 you can enjoy the movie”flying tire”

TOKIO 長瀬智也 by me and same age people like.

In mid 90’s,high school class mates and it’s not a conversation you remember. Their is after school, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality coffee drinking milk in the years of human TV in the working. 10 instead of to he in the adult world already worthy to be alive at the end. But it also dies as the other.

KinKi Kids Koichi Domoto brings us news on his also 79 years born early at same age people from. D…… Not only this hopelessness. Involuntarily”this is my place to have done it. I than go over to me”what about the cartoon”The Home note”of the hero・flame mobile if you to the classroom from one corner of the Qiang was a blue spring in there.

In 1996 Fuji TV drama”White flow”, 1998 months of the Year 9 drama”the Days”(before the cool of the unwilling and the pine’s”Love Generation”is being broadcast)and the 2000 TBS drama”Ikebukuro West Gate Park” See in real time, and at the end of the year in an effort to protect service providers on the Internet and 松田龍平 played a special drama of”3 million yen the incident, the 20th century’s last Mysteries”is also impressive.

…… By yourself surprisingly to Nagase works that I liked to notice. Personally, TOKIO and idle members of the group previously,the actor’s image is strong.

■池井戸潤 of the bestseller adaptation

Sawada, Yuta help of Dean・the original

So, the singer will follow up the most fans and while not a 10, instead of the midfield from the age of each era of actor・長瀬智也 continued to see. Their own generation, that lived in the same age male actor 長瀬智也 new. So the other day in the room solo watch the 2018 movie”flying tires”is a deeply moving work was.

When you publish a cumulative 180 million books of 池井戸潤 to the events of the movie. “Hanzawa Naoki”and”陸王 such as”continues, with a high audience rating drama, and 池井戸 novel is a typical Japanese adult entertainment the works known as.

The Nagase plays,Akamatsu, transportation and small business President,Akamatsu 徳郎 only. One day, a giant trailer running through the accident,of a child by the hand for her mother’s death. Poor maintenance is suspected, the Akamatsu carrying its own investigation in the structure of the vehicle’s defect notice,the manufacturer that is conglomerates of the automobile to the reinvestigation request.

This survey, in the course of the large concealment of the Constitution is clear. Have the incident from the accident. Plays,a huge organization yielding to the truth, a fragment of Lisp code hidden uncover some kind of.

池井戸 works on a lot of people read this also,works in any standing position of the man appeared,the audience someone to empathize with and not kill…………..

In this work, the employees of the living shouldering the Akamatsu carriage of the second President(Nagase),their own company on suspicion of historic Automotive Sales Manager Customer Strategy Division, Sawada, Yuta(Dean・full version video),a group company of Home Bank, Head Office of sales division・izaki one Ryo(高橋一生) That reason, annual salary, and living conditions are different in different position of men,a sense of justice and their own preservation and the reality of wedged from a lone-wolf Hollywood stunt driver who moonlights as a CR approach, the story is progressing well.

■A man smell the usual and weakness in conjunction with figures set

Izaki, one Liang of 高橋一生

“Small and medium enterprises, the licking is not”

Akamatsu is through the receiver to the home of the automobile Sawada so 啖呵 to cut the scene there. For example, freelance writers have,essentially“small business”think. Large publishers working with small and medium-sized businesses and licking, not by the sense of the one we have, the easier a huge organization in the will……. But when the hand of pride is his own view and tighten that.

Akamatsu is also the home of the automobile from the proposed 1 billion yen of compensation received from without,thoroughly fight to choose, but the bankruptcy of the company prepared to be cornered to. At that time, the car on top of for a small anger together, things have suddenly moved in front of me. Each of”justice”as”discomfort”was. World you from like not for and and discomfort that.

Oh yeah, the theme of the 30s, 40s and into the mind of one and the back of it soaks by. Like sour and sweet even biting minutes for the middle-aged middle, even just a“blue”may have left generation. That man smell Guillain and weakness together with a person set for Nagase to look good. If you think 長瀬智也 from a young age actors and the city as name from the popular very high the heresy of Idol.

The other day,Johnny’s office next year 3 at the end of retreat place to be announced, but more than 25 years in showbiz at the forefront of live Nagase also 41 years old. Who has 40 back and forth a little bit of satisfaction and burn out feeling do you get from the”can not”is not about how I will live my life from now on think. We are middle-aged working, so that’s changed my job as I personally think.

Criminal even storyteller at the fruit shop of his son, the”flying tire”in the shipping company’s acting as 長瀬智也, a maturity and a little young for the rest of the smell was there. Really attractive externals about 40 men to come. The future is behind-the-scenes to above, he reports, there were, hopefully, 45 years old, 50 years old and 長瀬智也 and actors of this home to see you.

■【Solo business mileage 76 points】
Akamatsu wife to the late 90’s in the still active members of Fukada Kyoko and the best. In the Play 一児 mother from the occasional yesteryear the depth of the smile. First are never a lot, but it is the same 82 born in the year of the giant・Kamei of good deeds like figure out has a strong presence in.

“Flying tires”
“Hanzawa Naoki”,”Shitamachi Rocket””people’s King”, such as numerous hit send out,the drama of the high viewership to record the writer・池井戸潤 an adaptation of the eponymous novel. The track running through the accident by bashing or shipping company President・Akamatsu 徳郎(Nagase), the defects notice manufacturer・Home vehicles to their research, there is a large recall of hidden there was a.
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