The prevention station calls so as not to grow the mysterious “seed” that I do not remember

The prevention station calls for the prevention station not to grow the mysterious “seed” which I do not remember august 1 at 6:59

Last month, it was discovered that a package containing plant-like objects believed to have been sent from China to the home of a man living in Miura City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Since consultations such as “the seeds of plants that I do not remember ordering have arrived” are one after another at the Yokohama Plant Protection Station, the plant protection center calls for it not to be cultivated even if it receives it.
On the 28th of last month, a silver bag arrived at the home of a man in his 60s living in Miura City, and there was a small transparent bag containing dozens of things like round plant seeds with a grain about 2 millimeters in size.

It is thought that it arrived from China from the notation of the label, and the name and the address of the man were written as the destination, and the man reported it to Miura city the next day.

On the other hand, according to the Yokohama Plant Protection Center, since the end of last month, there have been a series of consultations from all over Japan, such as “the seeds of plants that I do not remember ordering have arrived.”

Both are believed to have arrived from overseas, and there is no pass mark that will be pressed on the package if you pass the quarantine.

According to the plant protection center, the case where the seed of a suspicious plant is sent is also out in the United States, etc., and the plant protection station calls for consultation without planting unnecessarily.

“There is a risk of illegal drug growth” and “harmful virus adhesion”

Regarding the risk of plant species that have not passed quarantine, Shuichi Horikoshi, director of the Miura City Environment Division, pointed out that “if planted easily, it could unintentionally raise illegal drugs or disturb ancient Japanese ecosystems if they were exotic species.”

The person in charge of the Yokohama Plant Protection Office also pointed out that “there may be viruses and insects that are harmful to species, and planting can cause rice and other japanese crops to wither and affect farmers.”

The feeding of seeds one after another in foreign countries

According to several american media outlets, more than 20 states, such as western Washington, have reported more than 1,000 cases in the United States since June that they do not recognize mail with “rings” and “toys” written on their names.

The contents are plant species, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture examined that it was found to be at least 14 species such as asagao and cabbage.

It means that no hazardous substances have been identified so far.

Many labels contain chinese addresses and letters such as “China Post,” and the Ministry of Agriculture and state governments believe that they were shipped mainly from China, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China pointed out that “labels are forged and there are many errors in the layout of the displays.”

Similar incidents have also been identified in Canada, the UK and Australia, and national and local governments have called for caution to report to the authorities without unnecessarily opening or planting seeds.