“The Ritz・Carlton, sunshine”is the opening│the sunlight and soak in the beauty of that program

The shop is proud of the luxury brand”The Ritz・Carlton”of Japan are a 5-minute eye hotel”The Ritz・Carlton sunlight”opened for business.

Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture of scenic Lake Chuzenji, located in the Oku-Nikko’s natural to be in harmony with the center of Tochigi Prefecture’s first luxury hotel”The Ritz・Carlton Nikko”, the beautiful four seasons to honor and taste the unique Japanese view of nature and a unique culture from the sunlight and soak in the beauty of the place where the program is being prepared.

The Ritz・Carlton brand’s first hot spring bath and Japanese hospitality to convey talisman’s gift,has been handed down since antiquity of sunlight culture and spirituality touching the activity, such as the irreplaceable memories that nurtures the journey to help.

Also, the Tochigi Prefecture of Shun utilizing the material of this Japanese restaurant to enjoy dining”Japanese restaurant by the Ritz・Carlton Nikko”, the Potter Matsuzaki Ken is headed”GENDO”is produced by original Mashiko ware that is used. About,ingredients, dishes, artwork of all outstanding craftsmanship of the musicians to enjoy.

MARRIOTT International, Asia-Pacific(China excluded), the radio Block・A, said,”the Ritz・Carlton sunlight by opening day ushered in. This hotel is the birth of us, we have to greet you, and that under these circumstances, Japan’s luxury sector continue to grow this, I am very pleased. Today, our brand as a whole is also very memorable day. Why the new Ritz・Carlton, enjoy the world of”with that comment.

Healed in mind and body,refined may relax enjoy the Spa of the hotel various flowers, mostly tuberous and bulb rooted flower plants special guest services such as special hotel promise.

Also, the Ritz・Carlton in the sunlight, and the history has been passed on through the culture, the serenity of nature is born from a spirituality that you can feel the special experience program,”Shugendo Experience”,”World Heritage Tour”,”morning meditation”such as a large number of provided. The sunlight of the land that nurtured the natural and cultural beauty of a leisurely soak,”your true self is to regain”the journey you can enjoy.

The Ritz・Carlton, sunlight,chef dripping down her leg, and these two guys hearts were led by seasonal Japanese cuisine taste dining”Japanese restaurant by the Ritz・Carlton sunlight”and away, like a calm space in local food and Western food to enjoy the restaurant”lake house” In addition,the afternoon tea and refreshments at “the lobby lounge”around the world, carefully selected whiskey to align the”bar”provides. The dining concept is”CRAFT(craft)”. Sunlight in the land of rich ingredients to nurture producers, Tochigi, Japan boasts the world about the possibility of spread to Mashiko Yaki artisans, eating space dignified glamorous traditional of sunlight carved and hemp paper painting such as the artist, and backed up by its technological excellence or unique idea refined food produce chefs,all craftsmanship is alive, and sympathetic with, the To stimulate the five senses of the one and only eating experience.