to iPhone AirDrop app you for you?

From Mac to iPhone photos and documents when you send the”AirDrop(Air Drop)”is a big success. For Mac/iPhone both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, the Finder on the[↑]With the tap of a button and the transfer destination candidate to the iPhone display, and wireless transfer.

However, the file type depending on the destination of the app to it also. Photos(JPEG/HEIF)and video(MOV/MP4)automatically photo app is selected, the other files many of the destination application is not fixed.

For example, the spreadsheet app”Numbers”in trying to open a CSV file(spreadsheet files of a kind)and AirDrop, the application of this document to open? And no wonder that a lot of apps are suggested,how much from you all.

If that’s the case, and your”Files”app and choose them. iOS 13, the download from Internet for file to a temporary save to the”Downloads”folder is added to the file, with the ability to open apps. The aforementioned CSV file,save to download folder by Numbers other apps can open whether to try and that’s why the sfpropelpager class can handle parameters in the usual way.

Incidentally, the Download Folder is”iCloud Drive”and”this iPhone in the”have iCloud Drive has access to the Internet occurs maybe time consuming. “This iPhone in the”iPhone of internal storage the Downloads folder to make use of, and speedy to operate.
Operation procedure the accounts and commentary

1 Which app should I choose from you,there is one”file”and select

2 “This iPhone in the”tap the

3 “Download”folder, select it, and click the”Save”button will

4 Files can be selected in the app”the iPhone in the”choose”Download”when you select a folder,and open the saved file and whether to try.