TV anime”after school has let Diaries”,episode 5 the preceding cut! Advisor help 小清水亜美

2020 Year 7 months from the broadcasting resume was TV anime”after school all impact on the Journal”, the episode 5″clamming and Advisor”you&your followers are published.

Episode 5″clamming and Advisor”more

■All the impact on the Department Advisory role 小清水亜美 charge

TV anime”after school have the same journal appeared on”additional cast is determined. It’s like that 05″clamming and counsel”by appearing,have let unit Advisor and school nurse of Kotani and help 小清水亜美 is responsible for are essential.

Kotani, and cv. 小清水亜美

●TV anime”after school has let Diaries”,episode 5’s synopsis&scenes cut

■It I and 05″clamming and adviser”

陽渚, The Squid ink stains your software is more beautiful by your neat appearance. It’s why wearing a uniform fishing from your Ohno to do that,as the impact portion is from the old school Jersey or uniform in activity to determine when there is things. Download New Jersey fishing from the uniforms who is thought 陽渚, and Kuroiwa were taken to the destination…….
(Screenplay: Nagai Shingo,storyboards:Hakata 正寿,Director: contact details, Tatsuya,animation Director:Ueno 卓志/Hiratsuka 知哉/Yamamoto, Kyohei Michio,some plan Director: Kumagai 勝弘)

●TV anime”after school all impact on the Journal” it is I and 05 notice

TV anime”after school all impact on the journal”is,AT-X,TOKYO MX, MBS in addition to during the broadcast. Each detail is the anime official site.

(C)Kosaka Yasuyuki(Akita Shoten)/Unno, high school as the impact on the unit