Victor×and chips bonus of the online audition program,8 month 4 day delivery start

About 800 names from the win 10 the name of the original driver(delivery app・17LIVE of the delivery person)to review the audition program”17LIVE MUSIC AUDITIONS(Team Banana music audition series)”is the 4th, from 19: 17LIVE(chocolate banana)in the VOD service”17LIVE+(team bonus plus)”is to be delivered.

8 month 4 days to be delivered to the”17LIVE MUSIC AUDITIONS”

17LIVE to operate 17MediaJapan and JVC Kenwood Victor entertainment as a joint project of the Year, 6 months 17LIVE within the App held auditions. 1 the Review win in 10 members of 2 the examination proceeds,the pattern”17LIVE MUSIC AUDITIONS”in the live delivery. The winner,the from the Apple Music,LINE MUSIC,Amazon Music, Spotify, YouTube Music Key music streaming services in the music, you can release the right to which is given.

Victory for Nana driver producer, and as a judge mabanua said. 4 days of the initial delivery(#1・recorded)1 of the following examination candidates who have 10 people comment the video of MC OKU Leila and the introduction,of successful applicants to audition for the enthusiasm and for music I tell.

5 days 19 hours of”live review”(#2・Live delivery), the participants from home and live do,in the Studio mabanua Mr. music questions one by one thrown from the audience’s reaction while watching review the contents. Then, 12 days 19 hours of”Result Announcement”(#3・raw distribution)is a live broadcast through examination of winners to announce.