Yamashita Tomohisa:downtown and the”fun” is “HEY! HEY! NEO…

Actor Yamashita Tomohisa to me,”downtown”will act as MC for the 8 on 1 November the broadcasting of music program”HEY! HEY! NEO! MUSIC CHAMP”(the TV series)appeared. Mr. Yamashita, the downtown performing about”I see you and get nervous, but a fun project you can see,as time passed”and comments. New song”Nights Cold”showing off,”with feeling,” the adventures of the love Crusader”, six months later, I had one TV broadcast to enjoy it,”says called.
A special program, the”downtown”will act as MC for the music variety show”HEY! HEY! HEY! MUSIC CHAMP”of the spin-off.
Mr. Yamashita, as 瑛人 I,”JO1″”GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE””sumika””Nogizaka 46″”V6″”MAN WITH A MISSION”,LiSA also appeared. 9 p.m. broadcast from.