【Live reports】WADA Ayaka process in a solo one-man live held[Photo 15 point]

WADA Ayaka, the 8 November 1 (sat)Tokyo・Zepp Tokyo one-man live”WADA Ayaka 2020 postponed postponed postponed”was held.

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WADA would 2 months from 3 months from the first solo tour that was scheduled. On the first day of the Aichi・Zepp Nagoya will be held for the new coronavirus of the impact then of the Osaka performances is discontinued, the Tokyo performances are postponed, and was.

This concert is the Atlanta 3 times postponement of the end of the realization in Tokyo of the first wine. Then, on the day of the concert of 8 November 1 is WADA, a 26-year-old birthday that. The Corona Virus virus and prevent the spread of infection and consideration,capacity 2800 people to the venue of 400 people in the audience. Live pattern is uP!!! Online live paid is delivered across the country, fans WADA of stage viewing for.

WADA is the band and appeared on the stage, the opening of the song followed by the French lyrics of”Une idole”to singing live to start. High clarity medium pop tune, the audience is at once her world pulled into your. Then,”a little bit of loneliness and”it is not the melody swells of sound to deliver. Cuteness and strength, combined with WADA’s vocal,tight and supple playing and together modern music and the hearts of the audience grabbing some. The audience,the cheers instead of the WADA to hot applause they received.

This live will showcase the music, all her lyrics was in charge of. The concert itself, and the WADA of the process is. Her and music to deliver the band members,for lovers of young people took on a pure and remote air base range band master, the guitar is the same from love of bamboo computer hardware keyboard is VOLA & THE ORIENTAL MACHINE 楢原 Eisuke, the drum is sour the support of members of U with a powerful lineup yet.

The ambient sound on,WADA will experience set the leading to do. “(Excerpt)again,the resistance just for a job but most just show you don’t need to,life is not like the attitude shown there is no need to. Complex think once exhaled,can Express the place and the environment stance and her to you,”today is the birthday from work, finished early to go home.” So mouth, it is also necessary that”a poem is,current Her instance to represent the words felt like.

The stage of the big screen most of the video, the person filming was. The music and visuals matching is exquisite was. Monochrome route with a picture of and show off to the city to pop the bar of the sky”to block out the Metropolitan Expressway”, is the tingle that you feel it. The mellow sound of the”hot line”, she produced the MV and performances is performed. A warm melody to ride lyrics are the individual values, acknowledging and think is sung. Coffee and milk as a separate drink, mingled with new delicious drink is born with the same as her message,visuals and live singing and playing, the more clearly you communicated.

Blake, sandwiching De single・column like the delay guitar sound from beginning to”still love to believe”. Loving the theme of this song,keyboard 楢原 is the violin playing in the looking delivered. Matter-of-fact Intro gradually from the tempo up as”statice”, the stillness and movement that intersects the mid-pop tune. WADA’s throw from from various types of music, the audience is squarely accepted, bending over to big applause responded.

This live is even more profound as well. Japan’s gender gap World index against the thoughts”121″No. is,the vocals, the sound is good, so exciting and dynamic. A red background in the sung heavy version”of olive which the Dove is flying on the day”, the chaotic good representing as WADA is violently dancing. The screen is solid blue on the surface dyed by the show of”the Blue”.

The application is 鉄琴,form of the IS bass playing. Behind the sense of sound is the second half of the heat band, and a violin solo from one different world to the invite to go. This is my opinion, he and Derek Jarman’s film”BLUE Blue”and recalled it. Live the atmosphere of the original would be”delivered of the untitled”. Up-tempo sound of the WADA sound and integrated dance showed.

VTR across from the drive in the second half,with the grief some good strong songs that tell”For me and you”,as fate would sing the hurtling feeling that”it is a fateful event”to show off. “This feeling go away”, the various opinions that there are humans, but is quite fit to create the future I want to do lyrics,WADA is hot I spit out the words like emotion and for songs as well. Then, the medium tune”your chosen you pick one”is unveiled. Each person and respect the choice of the message with warm melody singing to WADA. The spread of singing and playing, Big Love wrapped in with such force that the strength to feel it. The kindness and strength of the dramatic world to the venue to resonate with the audience, more than ever, the big applause they received.

Smile of WADA is”in a short time, but thank you”and simple words the audience to tell you how much I appreciate that. The delicate sound of the piano from your existence of importance to sing”#15″is delivered. Continue guitar arpeggio loop, and the opening played is the lyrics to the song Ride for the”epilogue”at the show. It was a vocal sound to the venue to wrap up and,at the end of the hall above the flowers of the rope is the audience of the head near the came down. Previously from WADA,”the stage and the audience Seating area of the boundary without hope,”to profess to all…… However, the corona and the ominous in it’s hard to realize the status quo. So she to their own feelings, the performers and the audience to the flowers of a bridge as a representation of you. WADA is the piece you want from the audience to tell,live is end.

Last year 8 month 1 day in the top of the charts for five weeks and selling over three million copies for WADA Ayaka. This is,Hello! From Project Graduation,the all-1 Learn From built up 1 year the culmination of the term was content. Musical to alternative music and have a song Just for her in a certain genre the aim and intention is not at all. Thoughts of the top of the form, and as a result, the current style was. The live rendition as, for example, the and and nature and Cornelius to phase through the atmosphere was the most interesting.

Themselves feel now when I think of the music as possible. Simple but so much hard work,one clear While arrived at the Zepp Tokyo one-man. Her of growth and the unknown potential to be felt dense was time. We have revived this from the active to expecting great.

▽WADA Ayaka”2020 postponed postponed postponed”
Dates: 2020 Year 8 months 1 day
Place: Zepp Tokyo@Tokyo

▽WADA Ayaka official Youtubehttps://www. youtube. com/channel/UCb1mHLQD9hVjoa4Z8LEwSjw

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