A 54-year-old,low-income son of a savings to 2000 million yen and at home, he was

◆Old age ushered in by the son to any retirement Fund is also a worry.
From around the household of the mind, the”business plan clinic”. This consultation who is,informal work in the son to worry about 50’s company. Of financial planners 深野 Yasuhiko is not advice.

Croissants are (a pseudonym)
Female/office worker / 54 years old
Chiba/have a detached house

Living alone(the eldest is independent)

◇Contents of consultation
Currently living alone in working there. Home loan and debt there is no. Savings are the parents of heritage and bereavement for her husband’s legacy is the total amount of time. Also, working from the bereaved employees ‘ pension(on 12 million yen)to the service was fantastic, our room was very spacious and had a great view.

The trouble is the 25-year-old son full-time employees because this destination of life is not stable here. Now eat and the life of a University, it’s unfortunate. Neat salary and health insurance, etc. of your job as persuading as possible.

I am cheerful to live so long,being in need of care when away from home, his son also, in this now fashionable downstream of the old man, will become worried.

That said, the son of the worry in my old age to 4000 yen,children 2000 yen and the home(built 20 years)to bequeath one. This mentality is wrong, not that it is worrying.

◇Household income and expenditure data

◇Household income and expenditure data Supplement
(1) bonus for use in our
Savings of approximately 30 million yen, and travel about 20 million yen, and the other approximately 10 million yen.

(2) premiums 3 million 3000 yen of insurance premiums for the breakdown of
・Personal/health insurance (lifetime warranty,60-year-old, payment completion),cancer insurance=combined premiums 1 million 5,000 yen
・Person/mutual aid (periodic, insurance period 10 years)=premiums 3700 yen
・Individual/personal pension insurance(60 years old, from 10 years constant,amounts to 36 million yen)=premium 1 million 4000 yen

(3) retirement and about retirement
The retirement age is 60 years of age, re-employment system is maybe there. The person is 60 years old in the work plan. Retirement may seem, but the amount is unknown as of this.

(4) the eldest about
The current rules,the take-home pay 12 million yen. Clothing and once a month or so Rice and food to send, except from the mother, the aid is not that. The person what job position is it, work hard toward, and the result is not the situation. Contractors have other jobs that bytes will continue.

(5) a son to bequeath land and houses and cash about
The land is 26 square meters. 26 years of property tax valuation of 590 million yen. Sell the house, combined with 1000 million yen.

2000 million yen of cash, the consultation is a”house with 2000 yen of the money, if you have non-regular employment in health if it is doable and that”a magazine article to read from.

◇FP 深野 Yasuhiko from the 3 advice
Advice 1:savings take a break rather than retirement life can be
Advice 2:unwanted security is cut by
Advice 3:funding and the house is behind, but as usual one step by pulling that

◆Advice 1:savings take a break rather than retirement life can be
First, the consultation’s croissant of retirement funds,is estimated to let.

60 years old working in it from current savings pace will continue to be the year, 138 million yen (on 9 million yen,bonus 30 million)×6 years 828 million yen. Retirement is unknown, as it is, this is not taken into account, and it is also the retirement age at about 7,000 million yen of assets available to you.

After retirement of the consultation’s cost of living, the uncertainties in many of the premium payment, such as considering per month, 12 million yen fits in with the other.

So, the after retirement income and individual life insurance from a total of 360 million yen is received, the public pension alone life, you can choose from. That is,”downstream old man”on the contrary, savings is the most hands with the least old age of the basic the cost of living is cheaper there.

In the future, requiring long-term care if you have concerns about your IT is,at least in funding terms is almost, there is no need to worry and think about. Residential remodeling General contents(water,walls, etc,it takes 1000 million yen)if the expenditure was recorded as son in 2000 million yen is enough to bequeath in……

◆Advice 2:unwanted security is cut by
Household about and the sound management of fashion.

However, the insurance is Individual Life Insurance, other than the need for not feel. Only this and there are funds,loans and other debt without. Cost of living is also the by from and if,in the future, medical expenses, etc. in the big spending occurs, even if the savings is enough to cover you can.

Cancer families for reasons such as cancer is a worry you cancer insurance leave, at least medical insurance is cancellation, I think. Also, the death Protection also requires no mutual aid cancel immediately.

◆Advice 3 funds and the house is behind, but as usual one step by pulling that
Son about,to worry about the feelings understandable. Her husband passed away, and even his son cared too,as a mother naturally would.

However, the croissant is the son of a state is at least a bit of tooth is all reflected, but now a”College”and”stable job”is not necessarily a skill not age.

Fortunately, your son is a job, and make an effort for this. Backward thinking non-regular employees was not, so now is watch and think.

Also, your son is in a stable occupation, and want of it,to some extent at a distance or it is better. Financial assistance is not for the mother to feel close if the person Cuomo also out.

Cash or home to leave, and I think as a parent is natural; his son’s future is also a plus. But,in everyday life by stepping back also good.

Croissants are traveling is a hobby that year, 20 million yen of budget travel in it. If they actively and in your own life, is it just. Financial Times cost of charge and even retirement is unstable that there is no more.

◆Consultation”croissant”by feedback
Advice and information has turned out to be a great help for me. Now the life of a major collapse if that much money when there is no like other.

Luxury old age send do not want this money to leave your parents and husband thank you from saving when you save,when you want to use is this similar to the life only.

With respect to a child, this is my living will last as long as parent is to worry, what about your parents worry about you can do not think.

Now, the children of work・major world-wide financial situation with regard to worry about, but the advice was to never forget,goods sent to is also a little spaced from it, ask for help from it only to such,as I don’t believe that is correct.

Tell us……
深野 Yasuhiko Ms.

Industry history 26 year veteran of the FP for 1 person. Through various media,household management methods, and investment of the Enlightenment, such as money around the General information. All About savings・mutual funds guide as being active.

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