“And sexy”NMB48 his and her wet beauty bust adults of color and scent to the challenge[Photo 8 point]

NMB48’s glamorous Queen his Rei. 5th as a team to pull such a presence will increase as her”monthly entertainment”8 October, appeared. Western-style room and bathroom was taken at the adult sexy gravure cut to publish.

[Photo]wet hair and lustrous skin is also dazzling his Rei adult bikini cut

This time, the 19-year-old girl and an adult of between a different look to her but now its just all about how bad I want that expression to challenge. His most”lovely atmosphere from the feel sexy Cam have this gravure not look at me not to, thank you”and look back.

19-year-old birthday, and on Twitter at”18-year-old gravure begins with a gravure in the end, the 19-year-old is also the gravure in the beginning,it would be I find it just as I” And post a comment that is from heaven, he was beautiful bust and polishing it out to see expressive,his of gravure from increasingly keep an eye more so.

▽His Rei(as in・it)
2001 years 5 months 28 born. Shiga Prefecture, Japan. 154.5 CM. NMB48 team BII affiliation. 5th. The nickname”be-Chan”. NMB48 23 of the second single”All I see”is 8/19 in the decision released!