Chiba Prefecture in 51 people infection of confirmed new coronavirus

Chiba Prefecture in 51 people infected check a Corona Virus virus 8 on 2 October at 19: 31 minutes

Chiba is a 0-year-old from the 80s for men and women combined 51 who is the Corona Virus virus that is infected with the newly confirmed.
A new infection is confirmed, the Sakura City and Matsudo city,Ichikawa city, such as living in 0-year-olds from the 80s for men and women combined 51 people.

Of these, the mass infection has been confirmed that Sakura karaoke of can be one of the 2 restaurants in the 70s from the 80s per 3 people is infected by the newly confirmed.

Also in the infection has turned out that 4 people have been using the city to another karaoke in a coffee shop in New Employees 2 people of infection was found.

This is the 3 stores combined parties of 20 people infected is confirmed,among the multiple stores available for customers for the County, and passengers through from shop to shop the spread of the infection and are investigating.

Also, Ichikawa city to live in the 20s and 30s of the nurse 2 people, both in the city of the same institutions work, the province has concentrated contact person, identify the inspection schedule.

In addition Funabashi municipal Rehabilitation Hospital to the hospital of the 70s of men, fever the symptoms of out inspection as a result of the infection is confirmed. Male route of infection is unknown, to the hospital and 2 months in the hospital and Funabashi City men, and rich contact with that patient and personnel virus tests to see whether this might be the right match for your family.

Also, the city is the city to live in it 10 years of elementary and Junior High School students Brothers 2 people of infection was confirmed. 2 people at the school, the disinfection and classmates, such as a rich person in contact with approximately 30 people to wait at home that is closed is going to do.

This is Chiba Prefecture in the published cases has 1770 people.