Congressional talks on additional economic measures to Yamaba this week to spread Corona Virus infection

U.S. Congressional Talks on Additional Economic Measures To Yamaba This Week Corona Virus Infection Spread August 2 at 10:46 a.m.

In the United States, where the spread of the new coronavirus continues to spread, congressional talks on additional economic measures will reach Yamaba this week, but the focus will be on how far the ruling and opposition parties opposed in the presidential election can come to terms amid growing concerns about the deteriorating employment environment.
In the United States, where the spread of the new virus has not stopped, the pace of economic recovery has slowed, with the number of applications for unemployment insurance rising again in July, and concerns about the deterioration of the employment environment are growing.

As a result, additional economic measures have been discussed in the U.S. Congress, but while the opposition Democratic Party of Japan is seeking 3 trillion dollars and the Japanese yen to 315 trillion yen, the ruling and Republican parties have reached around 1 trillion dollars, and adjustments have been difficult due to a large fiscal gap.

The focus is on dealing with measures to increase the amount of unemployment insurance benefits that expired at the end of July by $600 a week, as well as support for state governments and educational institutions whose financial situation is deteriorating.

In addition, republicans are calling for unusual measures to provide disclaimers to prevent companies from suing companies in the of infection in order to support the resumption of corporate activities.

The U.S. Congress has compiled measures totaling more than 300 trillion yen on multiple occasions, but with the presidential election approaching three months later, the ruling and opposition parties are intensifying their confrontation, and the focus is on how far they can come to terms with the growing anxiety about people’s lives, such as employment.