Crowded workaround is accelerated restaurants and retail stores in the Corona Virus virus

Crowded workaround is accelerated restaurants and retail stores in the Corona Virus virus 8 month 2 day 17 at time 13 minutes

The new coronavirus of the number of infected people increases,restaurants and retail stores, among the congestion avoiding sales to continue, for customers to visit time and order, assign the two it and take the movement has spread.

Store hours and order, assign the two systems,the Bank and government of contact, such as been introduced recently is a new type of coronavirus measures taken to restaurants and retail stores one after another.

Niigata city Department store,9 month open exhibitions at the venue to avoid congestion on this system to take advantage idea.

Admission to the order of the divided city, as well as the approximate wait time to let you know how to prepare.

Niigata Mitsukoshi Isetan Misaki Takashi said,”Our customers come from everyone,to ensure the safety initiatives are becoming increasingly important”and talk.

Yamanashi Prefecture as a specialty of the system was introduced.

Store of congestion, as well as our customers to order while waiting for another tourist to stop, it is possible,effective use of time lead to being.

“Walk consists of”榎原 Makoto managing Director is the”wait time effective use of local economic development also leads to the whole thing.”was talking with.

The system provides the Information Service of the leading group, according to the 6 month restaurants and retail stores, such as from previous years of approximately 3 times the inquiries from these,a new type of coronavirus infections is again increasing,the interest is growing.

Experts”the new daily that”

The congestion measures of the spread,of consumer trends, and detailed the Japan Research Institute, limited the people Naoko senior researcher, the”feet”the second wave”and worried that such an infection of the increase happening in the Congestion Mitigation and dense to avoid this is important. The user is also one I just noticed,the Corona after the new day=new normal to you,”and talk.

In addition, the small chief researcher, restaurants and retail stores, and employees for the efficient deployment of such underhanded corresponding to the name Methuselah strongly implies that Enoch had received a revelation from God.