Elderly unemployed household”monthly deficit”is how much? Measures?

◆Elderly unemployed household monthly deficit is how much?
The Ministry of internal Affairs and communications”family income and Expenditure Survey(household income and expenditure ed)”, the elderly unemployed household (husband 65 years old・wife of over 60 years of age only a couple of unemployed households and 60 years and older single-person unemployed households) household income and expenditure are announced.

◇Elderly couple households monthly deficit of 3 million 3269 yen
In 2019, according to a study of the elderly couple unemployed household 1 month of consumption expenditure(food and utility bills etc.) and non-consumption expenditure(social insurance payments, etc.), including spending a month, 27 million 929 yen.

Against it, pensions and Other Social Security benefits and sending the money including your income each month, 23 million 7659 yen have been reported. Income from the expenditure after deducting the amount of 3 million 3269 yen monthly deficit means.

◇Elderly single-person unemployed households in the monthly deficit is 2 million 7090 yen
Similarly, elderly single-person unemployed households household income also confirm that elderly single-person unemployed households of 1 month of consumption expenditure(food and utility bills etc.) and non-consumption expenditure(social insurance payments, etc.), including spending per month, 15 million 1800 yen.

On the other hand, pensions and Other Social Security benefits and sending the money including your income,monthly 12 million 4710 yen have been reported. One elderly single-person unemployed households in the monthly deficit is 2 million 7090 yen.

Elderly unemployed households, the monthly experiencing a deficit in active service age to build savings and insurance, such as a reversal of life household is the majority. Savings-while there is still good, even if the savings is pushed, so you would have to. Other measures to think about.

◆Worked to increase revenues
Monthly to reduce the deficit as an effective means of,after the age of retirement working income that can be considered. The senior generation of the work are but a few examples.

◆Worked for the company in the continuation of the employment
Of if at first, the employer of continuing employment is a choice as will. Now the act on stabilization of employment of elderly persons by employers in the retirement system, of the abolition or continuation of the employment system, including the introduction of after the age of retirement of human resources to effective use is mandatory. Career ERA out of his own company, which introduced a system to check, and after retirement of working image data.

◆Reemployment wish to
Senior Employment Support Specialist go to this growing. The and silver Human Resources Center (light work the center), such as to consult with this.

◆Entrepreneurship in increasing revenues
Also,”business income”is another. The job of their choice in a lifetime continue to work,and income obtained from it more and not think. But entrepreneurship is, it’s a risk thing. Hopefully a lot of income and may,conversely, fail the debt carry too.

Starting a new business, if the business plan such as depth, let’s do. Recently, in the municipality for senior entrepreneurship support seminars, etc where you have many of these, and like to participate in interesting.

Also, the Active Era from the entrepreneurs towards information gathering and network formation to build the important points.

◆Pension and more receive points for
Retirement income in order to increase the active duty out of the pension, the more you receive the knowledge to prepare you.

Pensions are long from being enrolled in the pension system varies. For example, self-employed, such as until now the state pension only joined if you’re a 65-year-old from the old-age basic pension will receive more.

Also, salaried, such as the pension to the member who is 65 years old, from the most basic old-age pension in addition to date of birth according to the age from the old age pension will receive more. In addition, corporate pension and defined-contribution pension plans such as private pension to members who, if their pension also receive can.

In this the basic old-age pension, the National Pension to 20 years from 60 years to 40 years for those who join,full receive that pension. Your enrollment period if you receive a pension or not, and let’s take care.

Some important caveats. The state pension is that pension premiums paid for the period is more than 10 years, the basic old-age pension they may not. The same company continued to work there, I do not think this problem will change jobs repeatedly or,self-employed, such as, the eligibility period is not here and that I won’t go into too much detail so as not to important.

Reference tell, the March 29 years 8 months 1 days earlier than the state pension the basic old-age pension in order to receive the enrollment period is over 25 years that the requirement was. Though Heisei 29 years 8 months 1 days after the amendments to the law, the coverage period is 10 years if it did. Old age can be as much pension to receive premiums without a hitch fit for you.

In addition, yourself can receive the pension amount, it is not scheduled in the project. I not regular each year, birth month, and the pension from the postcard from the envelope of either will be sent to you. Other pension amount is the”right not to net”also.

If the pension in the will,the Japan Pension Service Home page let’s see. Also, the”pension dial”to call and politely explain any of it.

◆Pension living of the average cost of living the amount?
Pension living and if the cost of living of the average amount let’s see. The Ministry of internal Affairs and communications “family income and Expenditure Survey” (in 2019)of the older unemployed household(more than 2 people households and single-person households), according to the 1 month’s cost of living is 2 or more people in household 23 million 9947 yen,one-person households, 13 million 9739 yen.

These amounts are only a guide, but, just a pension to live on the current cost of living by comparing it with the old age and the monthly cost of living in the image please try.

Also,money items that have passed the review can reduce the deficit of the measures will be.

Rich old age to greet the Active Era from the management of revenue and expenditure that is important.

Statement=Ozawa and Minako (Money Guide)