“Evening over email with Hey”with the trendy person of the iPhone’s recommended settings

Old Edo, is”everywhere over the Qian does not have”with the ethos there was, but it is income, if on the day of use, as well as the planning of and more every day, change from one job to the stable society that was to see friends.

A little pushy, but the so-called mail(Internet Mail)on the same analogy it is. The mail system is always running the front,the IMAP system if you sent or received mail is stored on a server,need to be in…… Around the world mail server, and the land of laws and not IMAP or POP3 and have a common communication procedure(Protocol)to rely on email to receive all of the system from the stable is the premise that is for sure.

The stability of the trust from”today’s mail”only display the active system. iOS comes with Mail app provided with the filter function(meet certain conditions for the email to show only the features)today,”sent mail”as an option,this to day email, search, display can.

The procedure is not the Mail app in the bottom left corner filter button (▽), tap”apply the filter”upgrade. The filter option will appear,”today’s sent mail only”switch to on,then the selected mail box out on the day maybe you’ll. “Unopened”or”VIP only”options such as if you use it with the day to day, a large amount of mail processing is somewhat is not in.

Incidentally, the filter function is to display the email screen, just email it to any hand, do not. Filter button and ON/OFF, because you can feel free to use this merit.
Operation procedure the accounts and commentary

1 Typically, the mail folder is opened the accumulated mail view all

2 The screen on the bottom left of the filter button (▽), tap”apply the filter”tap

3 “Today’s sent mail only”switch to on”complete”button to tap

4 Filters on today’s email you’ll