Google Drive backup application can make? – I’m no Android why

Smartphone backup, regularly back when I scan my computer. If the Android device is missing, the phone book and call history, pictures taken by the camera, the app is created, you can restore data to,frustration will not feel it.

* If you are using an Android device,users are almost without exception the Google account from the backup to the”Google Drive”to save as many people as. Ready or not,your Google account is logged in”Settings” – > “Google” – > “Backup”in the order screen, open the”Google Drive backup”switch to on only.

However, loss of such trouble from happening unless you backup the contents of consciousness that are not from specific apps like the subject you don’t know,I’ve never seen before,and the user less can.

The backup location to Google Drive if you have set the summary to”Google Drive”app can be confirmed. After startup the first screen that appears at the top left of the”≡”button, then tap on The appeared menu select”backup”to let. Currently signed in to the Google account you created in the backup list of your device tap. Details of the data is not, what app is the target of the backup is available.

PC WEB browser is also available. Backup using Google account””access,at the bottom left of the screen”storage”click on,appear at the top right of the screen”backup”if you click on the target device is displayed. However, Android’s”Google Drive”app,a backup app and the number of the data capacity is displayed, the app’s name you can’t be sure.

Backup the Target app to check