Ogre destroyed the blade:禰 豆子 is action figures asleep in the face, anger face

Shingo pass call the World fine(like up・this is that)of the manga is the original story of the anime”demon destroyed the blade (for some of you)”that appeared in the 竈門 禰 豆子(it・I on the)action figure”BUZZmod. Ogre destroyed the blade of the 竈門 禰 豆子”(stadium)is released. The price is 8800 yen.
Figurine height approx 13. 5 cm, the costume is cloth material with heavy use. Drape the inside of the core and poses to match the movement with. Usually the face,laughing face,sleep face, angry face and facial expression replacement parts is included.
Shopping site”Stadium + “in the booking. In 2021 3 month shipping schedule.