Remote support for manufacturing site work such as steel makers Also has the effect of preventing “three dense”

Remote support for steel makers and other manufacturing site work The effect of preventing “3 dense” is also august 2 at 5:17 a.m.

Steel manufacturers are moving to introduce systems that remotely support various work at manufacturing sites using cameras and wearable terminals.
Among them, Nippon Steel distributed cameras and wearable terminals to steel mill workers, and introduced a system in which managers remotely instructed them to inspect various equipment.

The camera footage of the worker’s helmet can be checked by an administrator away and instructed to inspect and repair.

In addition, through wearable terminals, it is possible to grasp the location information and pulse of workers, and it is possible to remotely manage the safety of workers.

As a result, we plan to distribute terminals to about 20,000 people working at steel mills nationwide by the end of this fiscal year, as we will be able to do work by one person at multiple manufacturing sites.

Yoshiaki Nakagawa, senior head of the Japan Steel Digital Reform Promotion Department, said, “We want to further advance digitalization so that we can grasp the situation at the production site wherever we are.”

These systems are originally intended to cope with the efficiency of manufacturing sites and labor shortages, but since the spread of the new coronavirus infection also prevents so-called “three dense”, the movement to be introduced by other manufacturers is spreading.