SAO:a virtual event Class console reproduce Matsuoka Tadashi today, door…

Kawahara gravel(it) with the popularity of the light novel is the original story of the TV anime”Sword Art Online(SAO)”a series of virtual events”SAO series application WoU-Virtual Meeting-“was held May 8 on 2 October,was found. VR head gear as well as a smartphone or computer to enjoy the virtual SNS”cluster”and held, she appeared in Lars console to reproduce.
“cluster”is a virtual on live music, conferences and other events you can participate in from the game, you can play with virtual SNS. The event is 8 on 10, 12, 15 held on the 10th, the family of soon 彩奈 No,12 days is the Alice of Chino 愛衣 No,15 days is essential, Matsuoka Tadashi today, the art of Tomatsu Haruka,in front of Kondo Reina appeared.
“SAO”is the brain and the virtual space connected to the equipment by virtual reality is realized in near future on the stage,various online game surrounding the incident he wouldn’t have it any other way. “Sword Art Online Series action-Packed War of the Underworld”the final Chapter of that No. 2 is TOKYO MX,BS11 addition to in broadcast.