Suga, Chief Cabinet Secretary Go To label “precautions thoroughly take”

Suga, Chief Cabinet Secretary Go To label “precautions thoroughly take”8 November 2 at 12: 18 minutes

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Suga, the Chief Cabinet Secretary, NHK’s”Sunday debate”, in tourism demand stimulation measures, the”Go To label”about”the local economy supporting tourism-related industries, the dying of the state”, as people’s lives in order to maintain the continued infection prevention to ensure fewer think stressed.
In this, Suga, chief Cabinet Secretary, the new coronavirus infection of the situation”about the young people at the center, hospitalization, or severe the case is as much or less, the middle layer to expand gradually seen, critical also tends to increase. More attention from us,”he said.

In addition, tourism demand stimulation measures the”Go To label”about”the local economy supporting tourism involved everyone in your dying state to say that,no exaggeration of the most extremely demanding situation. Life came to not avoid,absolutely to prevent infection and a strong determination and is now working,”he said.

Also Suga, chief Cabinet Secretary, the vaccine supply of about, last week, America’s leading pharmaceutical companies, and agreement for it, the”world is ahead of pharmaceutical companies are several. Now, I can put that”, said the domestic in support of research and development, including vaccines to ensure the best examples of that.

On the other hand, a series of torrential rains that have received flood control measures,”the mainstream before coming to a tributary of the flood is often generated, and tributaries of most of the state’s management. And local governments to work together and that is important,decentralization was whether to include the need to consider”, said the river management the present study need to be pointed out.

The dissolution of the House of the representatives・General election about,Suga, the Chief Cabinet Secretary is the”Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s own Corona measures committed to working. First, the government cites,infection prevention measures and tackle important,”he said.